Convoso Introduces More Advanced Features for Predictive Dialer Software


Woodland Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2021 --Convoso is one of the leading players in predictive dialer software. It specializes in other outbound call center software programs that offer greater efficiency, speed, accuracy, and productivity. And now, Convoso has just introduced even more features for its most popular predictive dialer software, including the fact that it can easily bypass busy signals, answering machines, voicemail, and disconnections.

There is no doubt that call centers operate on a rigorous schedule, and time is of the essence and absolutely paramount. Every call center has to make good use of time, and this is especially true for outbound call centers where agent efficiency and productivity are essential.

No one understands and recognizes this better than Convoso, which has been providing a good number of contact center software and tools for years – including its famous auto dialer software as well as real-time metrics, multi-campaign logins, local caller IDs, virtual AI agents, omnichannel communication outreach, answering machine detection, caller ID reputation management, and more.

Today, Convoso aims to satisfy its many clients once again with even more advanced predictive dialer software that truly enhances productivity and speed in more ways than one. But Convoso fully understands that it's not just about speed; it's about quality calls and contacts as well. With Convoso's predictive dialer, any outbound call center can achieve a much more significant return on their investment and experience acceleration in productivity.

According to Convoso, its predictive dialer software can minimize downtime, maximize connections, and multiply sales with ease. And with various outstanding features, it has proven to do just that. For example, the predictive dialer software can effectively increase talk time and decrease wait time, especially since the predictive dialer works with highly advanced algorithms. In turn, it delivers an increase in live conversations, allowing agents to focus on the conversion of sales in no time. One particular feature offered by Convoso's predictive dialer is the ability to detect answering machines, which gives managers a lot more flexibility when customizing their campaigns.

The software does more – it can also adjust dialing rates depending on a balance between the availability of agents and good connections. And when call centers also utilize the real-time reporting program offered by Convoso, they can enhance and improve the efficiency of their managers, who no longer have to waste time continuously watching agents or dialers.

About Convoso
Convoso has proven to be one of the top suppliers and producers of outbound call center software utilized by numerous call centers today, and it also specializes in other services that include caller ID reputation management tools, real-time metrics, multiple-campaign logins, smart triggers, virtual AI agents, IVR, and more. For the best details on its popular auto dialer software, visit the Convoso site today.