Cooha Becomes the Best Self-Balancing Scooter Manufacturer in China


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2015 --Cooha, a longtime industry leader in the manufacturing and supplying of self balancing scooter, is proud to announce that they have been nominated the best electric scooter company in China. Their results speak for themselves: the company's personnel is growing steadily, and the list of the satisfied customers is getting bigger every day. From the early beginnings in 2005, this organization strives for quality and provides the best-selling models of self-balancing scooters for the last two years.

"Quality is life" is the company's slogan and a business statement followed to the finest detail. The company's management team expects nothing but the best from all the compartments in company's structure. The company functions as a delicate wristwatch mechanism: every piece of the system is working properly, synchronized with others. The main reasons for company's rapid growth are Research & Development section, besides the hard-working and dedicated people.

Cooha scooters pass the multiple tests before releasing into the market. To ensure the highest quality, employees inspect every product multiple times to be entirely confident that the quality standards are met. Moreover, the standards in Cooha are high. There are several international quality certificates provided in the company as a guidance and standard for quality in products, services, and business. Cooha is modern, dynamic, and transparent. Their official website showcases the manufacturing process, the certificates, and the environment in the factory.

The product line from Cooha includes:

1.Cooha AP1 - Standard model, with robust and futuristic design; LED lights, standard battery, and up to 20 kilometers of ride per full charge.

2.Cooha AP2 – Standard model, single-color; Maximum Weight capacity is 100 kilograms / 220 pounds.

3.Cooha AP3 – Model with the bigger 10-inch wheels, stronger engine, and unique design.

4.Cooha AP5 – The Bluetooth model, which comes with the small wireless remote controller, and speakers inside. The battery is capable of a 20 kilometers long ride.

5.Cooha AP20 - The biggest & the strongest model, with a big joystick with handles, and a big display like on an original Segway.

The showcased product line is impressive, and can satisfy the market needs. There are products for everyone; the company had a big and long-lasting research project. The primary goal was to evaluate the market, know the customer's needs and provide the best possible products suitable for everyone. The results were shown to us today, and our conclusion is – Cooha is coming ladies and gentleman, and it is coming to stay.

About Cooha
The company has a long-lasting experience in manufacturing electrical equipment and batteries, and the self-balancing scooter is their primary focus for last two years. They strive for the best quality since 2005 and fight for the place of the most dominant manufacturer of the self-balancing scooters in China.

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Company Name: Cooha Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Erica
Phone: +86-137-2087-5073