Cooha Is Looking for Global Partners for Distribution of Self-Balancing Scooter


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2015 --Cooha, one of the leading manufacturers of self-balancing scooter in China is looking for distributors of their goods worldwide. The company is interested in retailers in the global market because the constant rise in demand for the self-balancing scooters spreads across the globe.

"The self-balancing electric scooter is very popular transportation device and a global transportation trend," stated Mr Pan, the CEO of the company. "We strive to provide the quality and meet the needs of the world market. "We want to partner with successful distribution and retail businesses around the globe", he added.

The global partnership campaign was started early last month. The company's statement from the initial launch highlighted following points:

- The organization offers a stimulation in low order requirements for all the interested distributors and retail businesses worldwide.

- The shipment of the goods will be protected. The safe arrival to the respective destinations is guaranteed.

- The quality and functionality of the distributed products is as described on the company website

- The enterprise will be reachable and available for all business inquiries and specific situations that may occur in the distribution and retailing process.

Cooha looks forward to new business ventures and opportunities to grow and expand on the world market. The company considers several factors while evaluating the prospects for future collaboration.

Focus Key Points for the application:

The sales force & records

Interested candidates for the partnership with Cooha should provide the sales growth information, sales objectives and sales per volume information.

The area of territorial impact

It is important to feature the region of impression the retail store possesses. Next, the candidates should provide the population of the area, and the average number of visitors in the retail store on a work day. The company evaluates market space, as well as the geographically-related rules and regulations.

The product line

The applicants should be able to handle all the products that company distributes – this includes a list of all Cooha self-balancing scooter models. It is important that the distributor sell the products related to the transportation technology and gadgets.

All the interested companies worldwide are encouraged to apply.

About Cooha
Cooha has a long-lasting experience in manufacturing electrical equipment and batteries. The modern self-balancing scooter is the company's focus for last two years. They strive to provide the finest quality since 2005 and are among the most dominant suppliers of the self-balancing scooters in China.

The company is planning to expand its partner network to reach new customers worldwide and develop quality relationships through this project.

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Company Name: Cooha Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Erica
Phone: +86-137-2087-5073