Cooha Launched a New Self-Balancing Scooter Model – Cooha AP8


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2015 --Cooha, one of the leading manufacturers of self-balancing scooter in China. They launched a newest self balancing scooter-Cooha AP8. The company brings design innovations into the release. The new model distinguishes itself with the partial design of the pressure pads, combining efficiency and gorgeous looks. The new design elements are built in the LED lights, adding red color to the standard blue lights.

The company's management states: "Innovations are the key to success. The new design of the AP8 self-balancing electric scooter is different, modern, and will make you will not stop looking at it." The size and durability of the scooter are changed to match the consumers' reactions and comments. "We listen to our customers, and respond with our new model, making the self-balancing scooter both attractive, different and affordable. We strive to provide quality, because here at Cooha Technology, quality is life," the management adds.

The Innovations:

The Cooha AP8 design inventions are followed with:

-Dual 500Wx2 Motor Power
-The color enhancements of the splash board and 7inch covered vacuum wheels.
-The AP8 self-balancing scooter has lights on the both sides now, shaped in a triangle.
-The wheels are made in special vacuum technology, providing unique design, and higher durability.
-Pressure pads are now separated with the designer pattern, providing the uniqueness and improved handling
-The anti-slip surface is ensured with quality silicone materials.

The Performance & Dimensions & Weight

The performance of the scooter is guaranteed with the powerful 500WX2 motor power and high-quality Samsung battery. These features enable this scooter to go for 20 kilometers from a single charge, reach the speed of 10 km/h – 6,21 mph, and climb the 15-degree angle of uphill roads, carrying the max load of 120 kg – 264 lbs.

Cooha AP8 weighs only 10kg, making it lightweight and accessible for transportation. The metal frame inside protects pressure technology to ensure the durability and versatility of the medium-sized scooter with bigger wheels.

The new model from Cooha Technology showcases that this company works hard on improving and innovating. AP8 is the model that starts the new series of self-balance scooter. The company is a leader in the market, and a global distributor, so we expect the new wave of quality self-balancing scooter to reach us soon.

Pricing and Availability

The Cooha AP8 is available now at here and distributes worldwide. Pricing starts at $200. Check out their site and get a quote so you can join the new wave of the futuristic self-balancing electric scooter.

About Cooha
Cooha has a long-lasting experience in manufacturing electrical equipment and batteries. The modern self-balancing scooter is the company's focus for last two years. They strive to provide the finest quality since 2005 and are among the most dominant suppliers of the self-balance scooter in China.

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Company Name: Cooha Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Erica
Phone: +86-137-2087-5073