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Cool Ideas for Custom Printed Tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply


Oradell, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2024 --What are businesses really using their custom printed tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply for? Are they just sealing up boxes that have a plain logo on them and hoping that people notice? Or are they actively looking for ways to make their custom printed tape work for them beyond securing boxes? It might be clever messaging for a brand, promoting a special event, getting social media engagement, or something else, and when clients give the team at Phoenix Tape & Supply a call, they'll get a chance to try out these fun and useful ideas.

What kind of message are businesses sending to those who receive their packages? If it is just a simple logo or business name, then they are missing a golden opportunity to tell them something that they don't know. Does a business have a special that is running? What about a promo code to bring customers back again? Even having a message about engaging on social media can help spread the word about a business and what they offer. Custom printed tape provides clients with the blank canvas on which to test this special messaging and see what can be done to influence customers.

Are organizations using the same colors and designs that they use in the rest of the business? Maybe that's the problem, they are being too predictable. Instead, change up the colors used on a custom printed tape to catch their eye and get the message across more effectively. Even the patterns that are used use can be changed so that they give them a different look periodically over time.

Most organizations, at least at first, play it safe and just do their logo in a positive print. This means that they start with a certain color of tape and print ink where a brand name goes. Sometimes simply reversing things with a reverse print can make a dramatic impact. Use the tape color as the message and print the background of the tape with a solid color. And don't rule out simplicity in the message or design. Just because it is simple doesn't mean it is boring or won't resonate with customers.

When it comes to custom printed tape and how to use it, the variety businesses can achieve is nearly limitless. At Phoenix Tape & Supply, they have almost 40 years of experience in getting the right message out to a business's customers one roll at a time. Contact their team and let them know what out-of-the-box ideas are on the table for custom printed tape. They will create a one-of-a-kind message that gets results.

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