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Cool Mattress Technologies Explained in Latest Best Mattress Reviews Article

Bed blog discusses and compares mattress manufacturers’ cool sleep technologies and offers insight for consumers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2014 --The mattress industry remains intensely competitive, and one area of focus in recent years continues to be temperature. From new foams to gels and fancy fabrics, cooling is definitely in, with manufacturers striving to offer the latest and greatest technologies. Best Mattress Reviews, a consumer-focused blog on beds, recently released an article explaining the cooling phenomenon and comparing these new materials.

Published May 8, the article titled “How Mattress Makers Are Keeping It Cool” discusses the origins of the cooling trend as well as the percentage of consumers potentially affected. In independent review analysis, around 5% of all consumers report their beds feeling uncomfortably warm, however with memory foam and latex beds, this number can rise to 8-10% depending on foam type and brand. Coupled with the rapid increase of latex and memory foams used in both foam and spring mattresses for comfort and pressure relief, Best Mattress Reviews explains that this has led manufacturers to try and dispel the notion that their beds sleep warm.

The blog published the article in an effort to educate consumers about options and cooling claims that currently run fairly unchecked in the industry. Best Mattress Reviews introduces that major technologies and claims used in mattresses, particularly memory foam and latex. Topics include changes to cell structures, textures, and densities, as well as the introduction of gels, plant-based materials, and phase-change materials. Cooling fabrics and electronic solutions are also briefly mentioned.

Throughout the article, Best Mattress Reviews includes links to their more detailed comparisons of bed brands and reviews as well for interested readers. The website reminds readers that coolness is just one factor of comfort to consider when shopping, and suggest considering overall quality and checking reviews before buying. Readers are also invited to participate in a related poll on the importance of coolness.

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