Coping with Extended Travel Restrictions, Adventure Photographer Gregg Jaden Takes Us to Breathtaking Landscapes and Timeless Visuals

Gregg Jaden has amazed an impressive following since beginning his journey into photography 5 years ago. Come along on a virtual COVID-19 Vacation.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2020 --Gregg Jaden is an influencer and adventure travel photographer who lives on the edge of the extreme. The Former C-Level Executive was recently named one of the Top Instagram Photographers. He is a travel adventure photographer who has an undeniable passion for storytelling. Since the beginning of COVID 19 Global Quarantines, Jaden finds himself doing anything he can to stay positive while maintaining his mental, physical and spiritual stamina during the extended World Travel restrictions. Between daily meditation and working on new writing projects, Jaden keeps his sanity by staying grounded and taking things one day at a time. Indulge, as he plunges you into some of Earth's most incredible landscapes. To join the conversation and tips on how to cope with COVID 19 Global Travel Restrictions ,visit Gregg Jaden or follow @greggjaden_ on Instagram YouTube or @greggjaden on TikTok. Gregg Jaden Twitter.

CEO of an Award-winning ad agency turned adventure travel photographer, has amazed an impressive and well engaged following since beginning his adventures into photography 5 years ago. I began taking photos around Banff Canada, California and Arizona and quickly evolved overseas to the Largest Cave in the World Hang Son Doong Vietnam. In the series, Jaden harnesses the powerful energy of earth into timeless compositions. Shooting exclusively with Sony Alpha cameras for the last 4 years, his art displays the crisp intention of his storytelling. Even the feel to his photos makes it difficult to know the exact location. "I always had a deep love for our planet and its all encompassing energy. Taking photos in the wilderness just seemed to be a natural fit for me." Says Jaden. He has had the opportunity to explore some of the most rare finds on earth like Hang Son Doong, located in central Vietnam.

Jaden was always determined to explore some carefully selected places off the grid. Focussing less on office duty and more on Travel Adventure Photography his life took a whole new form. "I really tried to embrace the changes in my life no matter how drastic they were. I always felt it was meant to be on some level for me spiritually to pursue photography and filmmaking. Being a CEO and travel photographer, the desire to experience storytelling while traveling needed to happen. I was obsessed to explore the Largest Cave in the World. I didn't know why I just felt I had to go there. Hang Son Doong was no easy trek. For starters, each year only a couple hundred permits are issued. Then, you have to qualify with being physically fit training 6 months prior to the expedition. The trek is around 80 km total over 5 days, off the grid, round trip all on foot carrying 40-60 lbs of gear in my backpack. We spent 3 days in harness for the extensive rock climbing. We trekked thought almost 50 rivers, avoided hundreds of camouflaged, deadly poisonous Green Viper Snakes. Finally, trekking through leech abundant jungle terrain to get to the glorious doline (where the ceiling caved in) on the third day. I snapped some of my favorite photos I've ever taken at this incredible location. Son Doong is one of the only caves in the world with greenery inside it. The mind-blowing feeling of being speechless while submersed deep inside the Earth is difficult to put into words." Jaden recalls.

Next, Jaden kept searching for more rare finds. This brought him to the western parts of Canada to explore a seasonal melting glacier lake at the top of a mountain. The only way to get there is by helicopter. "Seeing nature's powerful force unfolding before my eyes on top of a mountain was exhilarating. I'm obsessed with composition and story. I usually try to depict the most powerful story I can when shooting any location. I try to give new energy to a location no matter how many times it's been photographed. This rare glacier fortunately was a one of a kind adventure which left me mesmerized. Being submersed in complete silence and total serenity with subtle sounds of a breeze mixed with periodic loud boom sounds of ice breaking underneath us as the snow melts. Just enough ice had melted to form a pristine turquoise glacier stream perfect for a day of kayaking, photos and film." says Jaden.

Creating landscape photography is no easy task. Sometimes it requires going off the grid or on major treks for days to get the shot. When asked about his techniques, "I do a lot of handheld shooting. I use tripods in low light situations and for astro. Most of my shots where you see a person in the shot, it's an athlete, model or myself. Hang Son Doing is a perfect example. All of these images we had athletes climb 100-200 meter stalagmites for the backlit shots. All of my MilkyWay shots was an actual person, or myself, that held their breath to stay perfectly still for the shot. I also look for ways to uniquely light my environments to add some additional sense of wonder. I use Adobe Lightroom for all of my edits and like to keep it pretty basic. A lot of my camera gear and settings Il post on my Instagram to help other photographers wanting to achieve a similar effect. I want the image to be as authentic as possible created raw inside the camera." says Jaden.

Today, he and his team at Gregg Jaden Studios use their gear and expertise to help small and major Brands with engaging experiences. He is sponsored by and works closely with G-Technology, SONY, Lowepro, and HOYA USA. Gregg Jaden Studios are more than Top Travel Photographers, they are fresh, transformative filmmakers generating ideas for Brands. From concept to creation, they invite their clients to recreate their Brand image through a more primal photographic/film presence. Step into the conversation with one of the prominent Los Angeles Filmmakers.

About Gregg Jaden Studios:
Gregg Jaden Studios is a team of photographic professionals and social media influencers lead by former Ad-Executive, Gregg Jaden. They design, capture, and create, visual ad campaigns for small and large brands.

Photo 1 - Hang En Cave Vietnam
Photo 2 - Hang Son Doong Vietnam End River
Photo 3 - Hang Son Doong Vietnam - Doline Shot from Bottom
Photo 4 - Hang Son Doong Vietnam Doline Opening
Photo 5 - Top of Canadian Glacier Kayaking Full Shot
Photo 6 - Kayaking on Canadian Glacier from Above
Photo 7 - Astro Milky Way Arch California
Photo 8 - Astro Milky Way Arch California
Photo 9 - Astro Milky Way Dry-bed Desert California
Photo 10 - Banff Canada Johnston Canyon
Photo 11 - Hang Son Doong Vietnam Stalagmite Climber

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