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Coronavirus Has Increased the Demand of Private Jet Acquisition


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2020 --Corporate Fleet Services (CSF Jets) recognizes that the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has increased the demand for private jet acquisition. With the recent Cornonavirus epidemic, jets for sale on the market has skyrocketed as clients are looking to avoid contagion through with private aircraft.

The globe is on SOS Alert as the new Coronavirus has infected the nations causing a public health crisis worldwide. This poses a unique and grave issue for travels around the world who desire or need to travel but are limited due to the severity of the epidemic.

It's a well-known fact that pressurized cabins on commercial flights are prone to airborne contaminants and enclosed air environments that are unsanitary for passengers. Airborne viruses such as Coronavirus thrive in unsanitary air environments and can easily infect passengers. For those looking to avoid disease and contamination, purchasing private aircraft can ensure a more sanitary and controlled interior air environment on flights, increasing the demand of jets for sale and jet purchases on the market.

For those with a necessity to travel to China for leisure or business, it's nearly impossible to do so at present. With 80% of flights to china canceled, Chinese airlines are shutting their doors until the Coronavirus is contained. In fact, other popular locations such as Italy have limited air travel posing a complex issue for travelers. Private jet acquisition has increased for those with a necessity to travel to certain locations that have been restricted for commercial airlines and public passengers.

Not only do private jets allow you a safer air environment on flights, they offer isolated and private terminal option for travelers seeking to avoid crowds and airborne viruses that can easily be passed in public sectors of airports. Private terminal check-in allows aircraft owners and their travels to be safeguarded from crowds and virus carriers (ie Coronvavirus)

For those looking to avoid Coronavirus contamination and purchase their own jet, to those looking to sell their private aircraft, the market is prime With one of the largest databases of jets for sale in the nation, CSF Jets has access to a broad range of private aircraft and a large network of buyers.

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