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Corporate Fleet Services Offers All Sizes of Private Planes for Sale


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2021 --Corporate Fleet Services has a massive inventory of private planes for sale of all sizes including lightweight planes, midsize planes, and heavy planes.

When it comes to private planes for sale it's not one-size-fits-all. There are several models, brands, styles, and weight classes to choose from. Finding the right private plane for sale isn't as much about what clients want, but more so about what private aircraft suits a client's needs.

This is something that CFS Jets understands well, which is their brokers help clients find the right private planes that match budgetary requirements, usage requirements, and personal preferences. The first step to finding the right private plane for sale is understanding what size is best for each client.

Lightweight Planes

Light aircraft is characterized by a maximum weight of 12,000 lbs and can be used for transport, passengers, photography, etc. Typically made with a few seats, these light jets are best used for light cargo operations. Beechcraft King Air models are a quality light aircraft option that CFS Jets offers.

Midsize Planes

Midsize planes, such as the Hawker jet models, have a range of 4-5 flight hours and average widths of 5 1/2 feet, give or take. With lengths of 17'-21', midsize planes aren't large but can accommodate more cargo and luxury features than lightweight models.

Heavy Planes

Heavy planes including luxury Gulfstream models are ideal for executive use. With maximum take-off weights of 300,000lbs, these heavy planes can be used for nearly any purpose including transporting groups, cargo, medical supplies, and more. Buyers should keep in mind that heavy private planes for sale are typically more expensive to operate and maintain.

About Corporate Fleet Services
Since 1984, Corporate Fleet Services has been offering a range of private planes for sale for corporate and personal use. From midsize cabin jets, small light jets, executive liners, and more, the team of experienced private plane brokers at CFS Jets works with the buyers to find the right private planes for their needs.

In addition to helping clients handle the various aspects of airplane sales, Corporate Fleet Services streamlines the entire process from start to finish by helping with contracting and due diligence to make the sales and acquisitions process hassle-free for all parties. For more information on private planes for sale, visit