CFS Jets (Corporate Fleet Services)

Corporate Fleet Services Offers First Time Buyers Tips for Success when Purchasing Private Aircraft


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2021 --Corporate Fleet Services provides their expert advice to first time buyers searching for airplanes for sale. Using their extensive experience in aircraft sales and acquisitions, CFS Jets suggests that first time buyers explore their needs, understand financing, and fly before they buy.

Established in 1984, CFS Jets has a comprehensive understanding of aircraft sales and lends their advice to buyers that are deciding on their first private airplane. CFS Jets advises:

- Exploring Buyer's Needs- One of the most common mistakes that first time buyers make is impulse purchases. It is easy to get caught up in the magic of purchasing private aircraft, but Corporate Fleet Services urges first time buyers to carefully consider their needs. This may include the expenses of flying and maintaining aircraft, size requirements, and avionic features.

- Understanding Financing- First time buyers need to carefully consider the source of their financing. With varying interest rates, not all financial institutions, or new buyers, have a realistic idea of foreseen costs. CFS Jets aims to solve this issue through their strong relationships with prominent financial institutions.

- Fly Before Buy- Corporate Fleet Services strongly advises their clients to test out private aircraft before deciding on purchases. During test flights, prospective buyers can check the functionality of equipment and systems, as well as determining if the aircraft will fit their personal requirements.

About Corporate Fleet Services
Corporate Fleet Services has over three decades of experience offering quality airplanes for sale to an international audience. By handling all aspects of aircraft sales and acquisitions, the team of skilled brokers at Corporate Fleet Services streamlines the process, so transactions have an average turnaround time of fewer than 90 days. Understanding that all their client's needs are different, CFS Jets works directly with buyers and sellers to yield desirable results.

From Cessna to Gulfstream and everything in-between, Corporate Fleet Services has a diverse inventory of airplanes for sale that meet all their client's needs. Visit for more info on airplanes for sale!