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Cosmetic Surgeons in Orlando Offer Less Invasive Solution for Face and Neck Lifts

The Mini Face-Life/Neck Lift at Kaplan & Yee Cosmetic Surgery providers a more youthful appearance with faster recovery and less downtime


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2017 --Patients in the Orlando area who are looking for a long-term solution for achieving a more youthful look for their face can find an effective solution with the mini face and neck lift procedure offered at Kaplan & Yee Cosmetic Surgery. With this procedure, patients are offered an end result that is much more permanent than any topical cosmetics can achieve for smoothing wrinkles and loose skin, qualities which can add years to an idividual's appearance.

As a face ages, the combination of gravity, stress, and sun exposure result in the skin becoming loose, less elastic, and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. All of these factors are telling signs of aging faces and are generally considered unfavorable by most patients. While there are a variety of pharmaceutical skin care products that can help with reducing these signs of aging temporarily, many patients find that the results they offer simply aren't enough for the look they hope to achieve. With the mini face lift and neck lift procedure Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Yee offer, patients in Orlando can find a permanent solution to a more youthful appearance without the recovery and downtime typically required for traditional, comprehensive face and neck lifts.

The mini face lift differs from a traditional face lift in that it requires fewer incisions. This procedure is also often referred to as an s-lift or limited-incision face-lift because the incision is made around the ear and at the hairline of the sideburns, unlike traditional facelifts that require an incision into the hair-bearing scalp. This smaller incision still allows Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Yee to produce equally effective results without the need for general anesthesia. Instead, patients are given local anesthesia which means downtime during recovery is significantly shortened.

For patients who want to correct loose or sagging skin on their neck, Dr. Kaplan also offers a neck lift procedure. This procedure is often recommend in conjunction with a mini face lift so the entire appearance of the patient is improved, rather than having a more youthful face but an aged neck. To complete the neck lift procedure, Dr. Kaplan uses liposuction to remove excess fat around the neck and for patients that require it, may also involve the removal of excess skin along the neck line. Dr. Kaplan can also utilize Botox injections as well as alter or remove certain neck muscles to sculpt the look that the patient desires.

About Kaplan & Yee Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Barry Kaplan is considered one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the Orlando area, having performed nearly 10,000 cosmetic surgeries. He is known in the industry as a pioneer for superior surgical methods and trains other professionals in various laser and skin care procedures. He has more than three decades of medical experience. Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Yee offer cosmetic services at two locations in both Altamonte Springs and Melbourne, FL. Dr. Yee has been a member of Kaplan Cosmetic Surgery for nearly a decade and is a board certified general surgeon.

To learn more about the mini face and neck lift Drs. Kaplan and Yee offer for patients in the Orlando, FL area, or for more information about any of the other cosmetic procedures they offer, please visit www.KaplanCosmeticSurgery.com.