Could the Future of Media Publishing Stocks Be Tied to Religion Based-Content (NASDAQ: SCHL) and (OTCQB: TRLI).


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2012 --Publishers and media firms have long known that the successful sale of any content produced – books, DVDs, movies – largely depended on the attraction it has with viewers and readers.

Sex and violence still sell in mainstream media. Hollywood makes few family movies anymore. As Senior Writer for CNN Money Paul R. La Monica pointed out in an article several years ago, many moviegoers have often been scared of religious based movies. However blockbuster titles such as Chronicles of Narnia, who are heavily based on Christian allegories, turned out to be a major hit.

The Passion Of The Christ, released in 2004 showed similar success despite quite a lot of negative feedback and some rather divided reviews and backlash from religious communities.

The fact of the matter is that media publishers haven’t just decided they are looking to produce religion-based content for the sake of it. As with any business, the decision to pursue such an avenue is purely driven on the almighty dollar.

There are many examples of publicly traded media publishers that generate a large percentage of their revenues from religious content. A few names that come to mind are Pearson (NYSE: PSO) and Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL).

There's also Salem Communications (NASDAQ: SALM), a radio broadcaster that focuses mainly on Christian music and other religious content. There is a clear and large market for religious based content. The market opportunity for these companies is estimated to well over $4.3 Billions in annual gross industry sales in the US alone, with an estimated $4.5 Billions in international sales - a market of approximately $9 Billions.

Newly traded on the Small Cap OTC Markets is (OTCQB: TRLI). Truli Media Group, parent Company of, was founded by entertainment industry veteran executive Michael Jay Solomon.

With an iconic, successful track record in developing and leading worldwide television media distribution companies, Solomon is the former co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Telepictures Corp, President of Lorimar-Telepictures Corp and Warner Bros. International Television, where, as President, he built the world’s largest television content distributor to $800M.

Recognizing a need for a simple and centralized vast library of family and faith-based subject matter combined with unifying social interaction, a team of ministry leaders, technologists and business people gathered to address this need on behalf of the Evangelical Christian community, estimated at more than 100 million people in the U.S. and totals over 700 million internationally.

TRLI's online real estate, Truli.Net offers a unique distribution platform focused on Christian and family-friendly content that is free for users to view, interact and engage with on any mobile apparatus such as tablets, phones, smart TV, etc.

The Industry Opportunity for TRLI stems from an Under Served & Limited Consumer Offering. Some of the issues that are turning out to be major industry opportunities for stocks like TRLI are:

- Sermons – Sunday only, not searchable (VOD), not interactive
- Paid Programming – on Christian networks (TBN); time is limited
- Cable TV Ministry – one way communication, dictated time slots
- Education – limited to Sunday school, home & parochial schools.
- Movies – difficulty finding quality spiritual & family oriented films

The Competitive Advantage Of An Interactive One-Stop Solution:

- A consumer tailored, individual customized experience
- Expanded, global outreach potential for ministries of any size, budget or location anywhere in the world
- Direct user feedback and comment to ministry messages
- Social interface for sharing and discussing issues of faith, Christian life and any family or personal growth subjects
- Continuously updated content, easily distributed on variety of media streaming devices, dedicated to the Christians world
- The first free multi-denominational platform with potential to strengthen unity of the Evangelical Christian world.

With 43% of adult Americans attending religious services weekly (over 130 million people every Sunday) and 63 million American adults saying they have an “active faith,” which includes weekly church attendance, prayer, and Bible reading (Barna Research), it is clear that faith-based consumers represent a huge, viable market.

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