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COVID-19 Pandemic Increases Private Jet Sales


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2020 --Corporate Fleet Services has seen the increase of private planes for sale and jet acquisition since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. With worldwide panic sweeping the globe, the private jet industry continues to thrive with increased sales and acquisitions.

Private airplane brokers are seeing an increase in private jets for sale since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With commercial flights being a cesspool for the virus and other germs, more travelers are turning to private aircraft travel for national and international flights.

Private jet air travel offers travelers the privacy and isolation they need to feel safe when flying internationally. By knowing fellow passengers intimately, private jet owners can ensure that all passengers are safe to travel with and not carriers of Coronavirus. With recycled air in aircraft cabins, knowing fellow passengers and their health condition can mean the difference between life and death.

Another contributing factor to the increase of private jets for sale is the financial crisis that the COVID-19 has caused. With more business is crumbling or coming to an indefinite halt, some private aircraft owners are choosing to sell their private jets to stay financially secure in light of recent financial hardships.

However, from acquisition to private jet sales, private airplane brokers have seen an increase in the market due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Ensuring safe and private air travel gives jet owners peace of mind knowing that they are safe and healthy when traveling nationally and internationally.

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