Use Customer Excel Data to Attract More Sales Using Online Mapping

Companies use online mapping to help them make the most out from their Excel data of address locations to increase sales.


Naperville, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2013 --Companies of any size are continuously looking how to better manage their sales and increase their revenue per customer. These figures show why:

1)Acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing customers. It is estimated that getting new customers is 5 - 10 times higher.

2)Repeat customers spend roughly 67% more than the new ones.

In recent years, one tool that has helped businesses tremendously to focus on sales and marketing from existing customers is online mapping software. It aids companies’ sales staff and teams to exert more effort into new sales strategies. As they learn to create a map, they get more insights to help them to come up with creative ways to sell more to existing customers. users can make quick analysis to get important information to help them derive intelligent decisions to increase their sales. Using Excel data of customers’ address locations, they can visualize patterns, significant stories, and other opportunities waiting to be tapped. It is easy to use, practical and brings enormous results. Denyce Kehoe from said, “I’ve spent over 20 years in sales for visionary companies such as Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine and and has quickly become one of my top applications that helps me drive sales.”

How Excel Data of Customers’ Address Locations Can be Used to Promote Sales

While almost all businesses are looking for a new breed of customers, the downside is that they tend to forget their existing customers - a predictable source of new revenue. It is highly suggested then to collate all customers’ information to Excel data. By using’s advanced mapping features, companies will be able to view their data and get information to achieve their sales target in half the time.

Create a Map makes it easy for the users to create a map by pasting their Excel data. As their maps are generated, they can get a glimpse on what complementary products or services to offer, what additional services are deemed appropriate for their loyal customers, and many other options. As they visualize their data, they can have a clearer grasp on what their customers are buying and purchasing needs.

Embed a Map on Website

By embedding a map, companies can stay in touch with their customers. Customer service may not be 24/7 but when they see the map of business outlets, or how their address locations have connections with business stores, distribution centers or other customers in surrounding areas, customers would feel their concern and that they are still within the radar screens. Keeping in touch with existing customers is one of the best ways that customers loyalty will be forever embedded.

Share Maps online mapping software makes it possible for its users to share their maps to others. This is one essential where they can analyze where the business may take them and eventually decide to be a part of their business. By sharing maps, they can visualize how they can also be part of the sales team. It will enable them to promote the business to their own customers. This ability helps companies get more revenue from their customers by helping them increase their sales to their customers.

Making the most from Excel data of address locations not only gives the customers knowledge and confidence to sell more and bigger contracts. Analyzing data as they create a map puts them is a position as experts in their market. The method of using online mapping through provides more than just sales, but more profitable and lasting sales increase for many years to come.