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AnyFlip is an amazing free online digital brochure maker that allows publishers to bring their products and business closer to their customers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2016 --In the online marketing world of today, digital brochure for product production has taken over the use of print contents because of the many benefits digital brochure offers in attracting more customers online. A digital brochure is a great way to stand out from the competition in the market place, offering customers a far more engaging and interesting experience. Digital brochure is also a great cost-saving tactic for marketers to analyze reader's behavior and plan out business goals. Looking for the perfect brochure maker today? AnyFlip free online brochure maker is the best bet.

Publishers and internet marketers find the AnyFlip brochure maker as the perfect tool to create attractive digital brochures that draws in customers and provide an interactive digital experience like no other. The brochures created by AnyFlip stand out from other brochure makers in the sense that it possesses a wide array of features that make online promotion with digital content much easier. Some of these features are as follows:

1. Make HTML5 Compliant digital brochure

With AnyFlip online brochure converter, it is possible to not only create digital brochures directly from PDF files online, but they can then be published to be HTML5 Compliant. What this means that flip-like brochures created by AnyFlip can be viewed on any browser using any mobile devices, whether Android or iOS devices.

2. Make Brochure Searchable with SEO-Friendly Feature

This fantastic feature is what every online marketer craves and AnyFlip has this covered. Flipping brochures created by AnyFlip are SEO-friendly. Publishers can exit the text version of the flipping brochure online, adding keywords that boost visibility in visitors search. Customers will be able to find digital brochures in this way when they make searches online.

3. Google Analytics to track the traffic of the Brochure

AnyFlip's Google Analytics function helps marketers determine the effectiveness of their marketing with the digital brochure they have created. Unlike the ordinary one, the brochure with page flipping effects is more attractive, which brings more traffic to their site. The flipping brochures Google Analytics will offer a detailed traffic report to help analyze results in-depth.

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AnyFlip, the world's leading digital publishing platform makes creating online digital brochures easier and exciting for marketers. It is free to anyone, AnyFlip allows publishers to deliver rich content to readers all over the world on their PC or mobile devices.

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