Create Framework of Data Understanding with Online Mapping

Data visualization is integral to understand and use important information to improve business.’s online mapping features help businesses practically put up a framework of data understanding from multiple address location data so businesses can be managed more effectively.


Naperville, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2013 --Address location data analytics is considered a key to addressing critical issues pertaining to business operations and management. Different business intelligence tools were used to narrow the gap brought by challenges imposed by business analytics. What they found to be most useful is an online mapping solution by Through its many useful features, mapping technology is maximized so users can get their data’s usefulness and value. As companies benefit from the exceptional visual experience it offers, they learn the best ways to implement business values. Users can create a map that is easy to understand, allowing them to identify problems and potential risks and at the same time identifying new business opportunities.

Developing Business Framework Through Online Mapping

As visualizing data is still a hot topic, aims to provide an opportunity for its users to create maps and understand all the meaningful stories from complicated address location data. Tom Jenkins who owns a consulting firm proved this to be true. He said, “This tool never fails to make me look good with my clients.” Here are some of the most sought-after features that companies use to develop their business framework.

Create a Map for Free in Less Than 3 Minutes users can create a map from Microsoft Excel data spreadsheets in maximum of 3 minutes. The simplicity of the tool allows organizations to spend more time doing analysis. This feature primarily aims to drive usability right away. Standard Members can create maps for free and use them to present to their customers, include in their presentations, or simply start plotting new ideas from their analysis.

Add Unlimited Address Location Data Sets

Adding unlimited data sets based on geographical locations is very helpful for users to find patterns on each set of their data. They can even detect connections between data sets. Visualizing them through attractive maps will move them to identify the context of their data. Plus Members are entitled to add up to 10,000 locations in a day.

Share Maps

Maps shared to department heads within the organization results in a lot of benefits. Among these benefits are that more insights are added, collaboration of ideas is strengthened, constant communication is enhanced and goals are easily reached. That is why makes it possible for the users to share maps easily. In just one click, the respondents can automatically get a link of the map and can view them right away.

As long as data visualization spins the wheel of data analytics, will continue to develop new tools and techniques to help more companies create a framework to follow to improve their business operation and management.