Creating Sales Enablement Digital Catalog for Product, PUB HTML5 Suggests

The online product catalog publishing solution launched by PUB HTML5 now revolutionizes the traditional way for trading online


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2014 --PUB HTML5 team has offered a huge opportunity to the online store owners to boost their sales during the upcoming season through the innovative Product Catalog Maker. The advanced features such as the availability of e-commerce features made this digital publishing platform one of the best among the rest.

Creating the Christmas catalog has been made superb efficient and effective. Instead of brochures or paper catalogs that costs a lot, online store owners could prepare a fully descriptive, attractive and interactive digital catalog in a few clicks. The free PUB HTML5 sales enablement catalogs maker not only allows to create distinct catalogs but also allows them to be integrated without a hassle into the respective shopping websites. The prospective customers could get a clear and complete idea on the product by just viewing the catalog.

The latest version of the PUB HTML5 Product Catalog Maker comes with the e-commerce feature, where the users could include e-commerce icons such as PayPal, Price, Discount, Star and Product Box to the e-product catalog.

To lend a helping hand to the new users PUB HTML5 has introduced a tutorial at: The tutorial guides users through easy-to-follow steps on how to apply the e-commerce features effectively to a page in their digital catalog maximizing its use. Users who prefer the video version of the tutorial, are also presented with a clear high quality video guide.

The users could include an e-commerce icon in three simple steps. All they have to do is to select the page from the digital Catalog that needs the icon, choose the necessary icon as shown in the tutorial, finally, customize the icon, and save.

About PUB HTML5 Product Catalog Maker
The platform helps users in creating classy and high quality digital catalogs. Among the many advantages users gain by using this software in making e-catalogs, cost effectiveness, user-friendly layout, ability to obtain a book URL of the catalog that could be viewed on any device, animation editor stands on top. Each of these features focuses on maximizing sales and building awareness of the product among the public. The software supports Mac and Windows OS alike.

More details on the platform and features offered by PUB HTML5 Product Catalog Maker can be found at