Creative New FRAMEN Player Helps Frame Life's Most Memorable Moments, Every Moment


Frankfurt, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2018 --Touted as the "Spotify for Photos" FRAMEN's new player and app allow digital photographers, interior designers, fashion labels to animate lived spaces and celebrate life's favorite moments in every moment. Everyone can create their own photo playlist, but also stream them to their friends' or parents' FRAMEN Player and share with them the best shots from last weekend, holiday or just a single selfie from any corner of the world.

With 70 backers and counting, along with many more waiting in the wings to get their hands on the FRAMEN Player, this unique photography gadget is the perfect marriage between technology and art.

Inspired by the birth of designer and creator Dimitri Gärtner's daughter, the FRAMEN answers a key question through a creative solution: How do we set photos free and bring the beauty of our memories alive in every space we inhabit?

Boasting elegant and crisp Scandinavian design, the FRAMEN Player stands tall, at 23.6 inches in height and 15.7 inches wide, with a generous screen size of 21.5 inches, making it a monitor-sized frame. Nestled at the core of its innovative functionality is its special display, featuring IPS technology, with a 179° viewing angle and a full HD resolution of 1920x1080. Framing this is a low-consumption LED backlight, providing a contrast of 1000:1, all neatly inset in a bold, black or white wooden frame, which can be suspended from the wall or set on its stand. The best part? Users of the FRAMEN never have to worry about missing a single second. The Player has built-in, hidden motion sensors that trigger playback only when a viewer is nearby or in the room.

With all the perks, the FRAMEN Player is a lean-mean, photo machine, set to retail at €399. However, early backers of the project can benefit from 'early bird' pricing of €199. Every FRAMEN Player comes with a quick start guide, two wall-mount accessories, a stand, a power adapter and a remote control. Other tiered benefits at various levels include early shipments of the "Beta Player", multiple units of the FRAMEN Player, intended as gifts or for use in multiple rooms, as well as year-long memberships to premium accounts for the FRAMEN app.

The app itself takes FRAMEN's unique technology and puts it to use on any Internet-enabled device, including laptops, tablets, TVs and smartphones. Users of the app will soon be able to enjoy FRAMEN's core technology for free on Android and iOS. To get started, users can upload their own photos in 'playlists' as well as access the photos in the 100.000 curated 'playlists' of others. This photo-streaming functionality allows any device to turn into an in-house gallery of sorts, allowing users to demonstrate their tastes, moods and preferences through category-specific photo playlists. The app currently comes in two versions: Free and Premium accounts, each with their own level of storage, visual playlist choices, and access to photos within a playlist.

FRAMEN's future vision is just as bold and innovative as its creative app and Player. Known as "The Marketplace", FRAMEN plans to expand its operations and functionality, offering professional photographers, digital artists and lifestyle and magazine creators a chance to create, collaborate and sell their works right on FRAMEN's platform. It's an audacious undertaking that promises to bring together art and technology for the ultimate photography experience.