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New Kickstarter Campaign Launches An Exciting Gadget - The BRS Trash Bin


Orange, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2015 --A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to showcase to the world the most exciting kitchen and office gadget in recent years. The Bag-­Ready System (BRS) is a trash can like no other. The inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Michael T. Diep has invented a trash can that takes away the hassle of cleaning a bin and changing the bags.

For many years, people have complained about trash cans and the time it takes to clean them while changing new bags. Not only can it be filthy job and time consuming, buying waste bag for the average trash bin can be expensive. Now with the introduction of the Bag-­Ready System (BRS), keeping a trash can clean and changing new bags has been simplified. Through the invention from Michael, the new gadget also helps people save money and protect the environment. Now with bags being offered for free with only postage and packing being charged, the new trash bin will help householders save thousands of dollars over the coming years.

To have one of the most talked about gadgets in their home, all a person has to do is to back the exciting Kickstarter campaign. To receive FREE Bags For Life, which is a huge saving, people simply need to share details of the campaign through social media networks.

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise $65,000 where backers of the campaign will receive the Bag-­Ready System for as low as $14.95 for all Early Backers Exclusive, the saving is seventy five percent (75%) of the MSRP.

Michael T. Diep said: "I wanted to find a way of thanking people for supporting the campaign and help make more people aware of my new invention. The best way I could think of saying thank you was by helping people save even more money by offering FreeBagsForLife program to all of our backers.

The inventor of the Bag-­Ready System is no stranger to inventing and making people's lives easier. He was recently named as one of the Top 8 immigrant inventor in America with the likes of Alexander Graham Bell, Levi Strauss, Albert Einstein, and Nikola Tesla.

To learn more about the Bag-­Ready System that has gained the attention from worldwide distribution companies, and to save 75% on the purchase of the gadget please visit:

About the Bag-Ready System
The Bag-Ready System is a beautiful trash bin that will revolutionize the way you spend your time cleaning. Because the Bag-Ready System comes pre-loaded with 90 trash bags all stored at the bottom for your convenience, the process of taking out trash has been streamlined, and become so much easier that you will find yourself saving hours of stress and unnecessary maintenance time.

The Bag-Ready System ensures companies and households a new way to save money through the BRS's 1) Sanitation, 2) Ease of use, and 3) Eco-friendly bag philosophy.

BRS Unique Design
1. Sanitary
2. Easy to use
3. Eco-Friendly


We are proud that the Bag-Ready System is more sanitary than any other trash bin out in the market. Oftentimes, when you are replacing an overstuffed trash bag, particles of trash, dust, and dirt can drop down to the lower chambers of the trash bin without you knowing, resulting in unnecessary stench, rot, growth of bacteria, and even risk of airborne disease. But at the bottom of the BRS is a capsule that collects all of these particles into the bag, ensuring sanitation.

Easy to Use:

We like to relate the process of using the Bag-Ready System as using a large Kleenex box: when one tissue comes out, another one is instantly ready, and a compartment full of new tissues are ready to go underneath.


The less bags you buy the better and with the BRS bin, we streamline a steady supply of bags With your initial purchase, you will not have to purchase additional trash bags from anywhere up to 6 months or to a year.

The funds raised from Kickstarter will be used to pay for designs, 3D models, tooling, and prototypes. For a complete list of all pledge levels and associated prizes, please visit the BRS Kickstarter page:

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