Creoqode Brings Back Classic Video Games in a New Game Console


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2019 --Gamers and tech junkies are always looking for devices that enhance convenience and function. According to London based Creoqode, anyone can now carry hundreds of their favourite classic video games in their pocket with one easy and versatile device called Lyra.

Coming in ready to go or do it yourself options Lyra, Creoqode's latest device coming to the market, offers a number of games while also serving as a fully functional personal computer.

To support this new endeavor, Creoqode has launched a Kickstarter campaign. This is their fifth Kickstarter campaign.

The Lyra and How It Works

The word "lyra" comes from Greek mythology. It refers to a mythical musical instrument crafted by the gods and used to charm all, even many in the Underworld. Today Creoqode uses the term to refer to a new gaming device that combines classic games with other personal computer functions, providing both enjoyment and convenience in the same package.

According to Creoqode, Lyra serves first as a fun, yet practical gaming tool. Those using the Lyra can play alone anywhere or connect it to a television via HDMI cord and play with other competitors.

It also serves as a portable computer, providing all of the functions and services expected of a modern mobile device. These include sending and receiving emails, using search engines, and doing any number of online related tasks.

The Lyra also offers options for those who love to tinker with both hardware and software. Users can access online tools and hardware to expand the Lyra's capabilities in a number of ways. It can also provide an easy way for users to learn coding and other technology skills.

Kickstarter Based Funding

Lyra creator Creoqode has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help defray production and distribution costs with the goal of selling the device worldwide. You can currently preorder Lyra for £149 which is 30% off the expected retail price. Each tier offers more products and services, including multiple devices on many tiers to share with family and friends.

Creoqode has successfully launched four previous Kickstarter campaigns in support of their products. They expect that the campaign supporting Lyra will equal or exceed previous efforts.

The company specialises in creating innovative computing and gaming devices. Creoqode products put users in control by providing tools to help build the product into what they need. These include hardware, software, and even artificial intelligence applications.

To learn more about Lyra or other Creoqode products, use their convenient contact page. Staff can answer any questions about Lyra and other products, including the kickstarter campaigns.