CritoTech Announces Latest Release of ezNcrypt, its Transparent Data Encryption Solution for MySQL

ezNcrypt version 1.5.5 furthers ezNcrypt’s maturity with updates and robust new security features


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2010 -- CritoTech, developer of ezNcypt, a Transparent Data Encryption solution for MySQL, today announced the availability of ezNcrypt Version 1.5.5. This latest release furthers ezNcrypt’s maturity with updates and robust new security features.

For Windows SQL Server Administrators, the ability to perform Transparent Data Encryption is an easily available add-on to the MS SQL Server Enterprise Edition. CritoTech’s ezNcrypt has now added TDE functionality to MySQL for Linux users on community and enterprise editions.

“MySQL has over 50,000,000 installations of its database worldwide with well over half running on the Linux platform. It has always been amazing to me that a database running many of the world’s largest websites, does not have the native capability to encrypt data transparently or without making changes to its application. Encrypting data at rest is a very important step to fully lock down and secure a database, yet for MySQL administrators transparently encrypting data has historically been a complicated challenge. With ezNcyrpt, TDE is easy, available and affordable for the vast majority of MySQL DBA’s running on Linux,” said Chris Gillan, CEO and Co-Founder of CritoTech.

The latest release of ezNcrypt allows users to select their own SALT as well as password strength. This will allow any MySQL DBA to comply with internal, company security and encryption requirements. A single installer has been added to this release to support any Linux distribution from one installation. ezNcrypt users can now chose to run the CritoTech Key Storage System in the CritoTech provided cloud key management offering, or for a fee, purchase their own installation of the CritoTech KSS to run ezNcrypt in their own private networks. These enhancements are useful to any company that needs TDE to pass PCI or other compliance regulations, while being flexible enough to meet internal company security policies. The new robust functionality allows ezNcrypt to be installed and configured while the server is online, so that the MySQL DBA or security team can avoid server down time.

“Sure MySQL Linux Administrators can encrypt data inside of their applications. However, this is often time consuming, inefficient and requires constant administration. A DBA would then need to build their own encryption key management solution and train others in the organization how to use it. All these challenges are a thing of the past for MySQL users on Linux who can now utilize ezNcrypt easily and affordably.” said Gillan.

ezNcrypt can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis for as little as $30 a month per server.

To download ezNcrypt or to learn more about how it works, please visit

CritoTech was founded in early 2008 by a group of IT Industry experts. Our mission is to help organizations better utilize their investment in new technology (LAMP stack). We are developing best of breed solutions that will empower companies to keep their data safe, secure and available.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, CritoTech has developed an encryption tool for MySQL. This is currently an area that is not being focused on, yet with the advent of regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI, it is very necessary.