Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for the Circle – A Revolutionary New Global Personal Safety Device


Taipei, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2016 --An innovative smart personal safety device, The Circle, is set to completely change the way personal safety and security are viewed. A campaign has been launched on the popular crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, to help raise enough funds to bring this revolutionary new product to market. Founder Jay Liu created The Circle to offer users a powerful tool for self-protection, which can easily fit within the modern lifestyle.

This device is unlike other personal safety innovations in that it can be effectively used no matter where in the world a user is located. Its unique global features make it an invaluable product not just for peace of mind in everyday situations, such as walking home from work at night or jogging alone, but for traveling as well.

A user can program up to three contacts into the app to alert friends in case of an emergency. These contacts will receive a text every eight seconds until The Circle's alarm is turned off. The text message will include a custom message plus the user's GPS location – a crucial piece of information that empowers friends to help friends in dangerous or even life-threatening situations.

This smart global safety device has a panic alarm button to deter potential attackers. Designed for the busy and dynamic modern lifestyle, The Circle also has a selection of smart features such as a wireless camera remote control for taking selfies, an LED flashlight, and the ability to track belongings. The tracking feature is two-way, meaning that users can use it to find their lost smartphone as well as lost items.

Users can sync up to eight Circles with the app, which works on both iOS and Android devices. The device is available in turquoise, pink, and white. It is lightweight and small enough to easily be kept on a keychain or in a pocket or small bag.

Jay Liu has set a flexible goal of $65,000 to cover the remaining expenses for The Circle, as well as a series of stretch goals. Backers can receive their own Circle for a $47 contribution, which is 22 percent off of the retail price.

About The Circle
The Circe is a dynamic new global personal safety device created by developer Jay Liu in order to provide people with a powerful safety tool to protect themselves and their loved ones. It offers three types of protection – a panic alarm, emergency global texting, and GPS tracking as well as unique features that enhance the convenience and functionality of this smart device. It acts as an added layer of security for traveling, as well as for everyday living.

Find out more and pledge at The Circle's Indiegogo page.