Crowdfunding Campaign Launched: ForeverGlass for iPhone and Revolutionary WaRRRanty System


Providence, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2016 --The consumer-conscious innovators at Gonzo Guardz are announcing their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of their premier game-changing product, an iPhone tempered glass screen protector that will last forever. Made from ForeverGlass, an ultra-hard glass that meets or exceeds the quality of every other smartphone screen protector on the market today, the glass comes with a remarkable offer that until now has been unheard of in the industry. The creators of ForeverGlass are offering an Unlimited Lifetime WarRRRanty, the three Rs representing this new tech brand's commitment to their "Replace – Renew – Repeat" warranty system. With this model, the glass will essentially last forever, as Gonzo Guardz provides unlimited replacements, even when the user changes to a different iPhone.

Gonzo Guardz, founded by Mark Mesrobian and a team of gadget experts, recognized a major problem with the consumer smartphone experience. Half of all smartphone owners worldwide have a cracked screen; it is estimated that the typical user will pay upwards of $5,400 to replace broken screens over the course of their lifetime. Investigating the actual costs of producing the tempered glass and realizing that much of the costs that are passed on to the consumer are unnecessary, the Gonzo Guardz team decided to do something about this consumer economic crisis.

Their solution is to offer consumers the best quality glass on the market for the lowest possible price by cutting out the intermediary players along the supply chain, such as the retailers, distributors, and sales associates.

ForeverGlass consists of six 9H Hard layers. It is shock resistant, anti-scratch and comes with an anti-fingerprint coating. Thoroughly tested, it is as unbreakable as the best glass on the market (truly unbreakable glass doesn't exist). It is sold at a revolutionary price as it is offered direct to the consumer, and comes with a Unlimited Lifetime WaRRRanty. This means that anyone who buys a tempered glass screen protector and signs up with Gonzo Guardz is guaranteed a lifetime replacement any time the glass breaks or a new iPhone model is purchased.

The Kickstarter campaign is underway now with fantastic early bird specials still available, including 3 pieces of ForeverGlass plus 3 Unlimited Lifetime WaRRRanty memberships and an Easy Applicator, for only $5.

To learn more about ForeverGlass smartphone screen protectors or to contribute to the campaign, visit the Gonzo Guardz Kickstarter page.

About Gonzo Guardz
Started in 2016 by tech innovator, Mark Mesrobian, Gonzo Guardz is ushering in a new era for the consumer by offering high-quality tech gadgets at the lowest possible price and with a Unlimited Lifetime WaRRRanty. Mesrobian and his team of tech and engineering experts from across the globe are launching ForeverGlass as their first product but they have plans for bringing many more products to the market to benefit the consumer in the near future.