crowdSPRING Announces Improvements to Crowdsourcing Site

By modifying scoring, feedback and views, the site for creative business needs is more intuitive and user-friendly


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2013 --Crowdsourcing your business’ creative needs is now easier than ever, thanks to new buyer tools created by crowdSPRING, the world's No.1 marketplace for custom logo design, web design, business naming and other writing and design services. With improvements to scoring, feedback and views, the site allows for improved workflow, simpler communication and easier, more expansive exposure to projects and creative talent.

Mike Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founders of crowdSPRING, say that the changes to crowdSPRING are inspired by suggestions from buyers and creatives. “As a crowdsourcing site, we encourage input from the community at large. We are, after all, our own best customer,” said Samson and Kimbarovsky. “Our users know our interface intimately, and they’re very vocal about ways to make the experience the best it can be. We’ve taken those suggestions to heart, and are thrilled to present an even better crowdSPRING than before.”

Updates to crowdSPRING include the following:

Scoring and feedback on multiple entries. crowdSPRING encourages buyers to give feedback when they receive new submissions from the community. It’s easily the most important part of the process and these new ‘batch’ tools allow buyers to score and leave feedback on multiple entries at the same time. In doing so, they help to shape the design in a way that both parties will love.

Scoring on single entries. When a buyer receives new entries in their project, he or she will see them immediately, along with a form that allows commenting and scoring. The changes make the workflow smoother and more efficient by allowing the buyer to move forward or back among the new entries. In addition, if a buyer isn’t sure of exactly what to say, there is a list of “quick comments” from which to choose. The buyer can also easily see a thumbnail images of other submissions by the creative, for more insight into style and history.

Updated user profile view. It’s now quick and straightforward to get additional information about any creative in the community. When browsing, a user can simply click on a creative’s name to see expanded information about that person, along with portfolio items, community status, and more. Buyers can use this feature to invite a creative to their project, send a private message, or add the creative their on-site contact list. Location, specialization and reputation scores are also included, allowing for an instantaneous overview.

Improved views in naming projects. Need a business name? The updated crowdSPRING helps to facilitate naming projects with a new drop-down gallery that allows users to quickly scan, sort, and compare along with other project entries.

About crowdSPRING
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