Cryptid Brings Back Traditional Motion Picture Techniques and Modern Opportunities for Investors


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2018 --What was old is new again. Cryptid, the first ever narrative horror film to use equity financing, wants to give investors the chance to join in the revitalization of the old-time creature feature.

With the passage of the JOBS Act and the expanding popularity of the horror genre, now is the time to launch a bold new model of entrepreneurship. For a minimum of $100, investors can purchase not just a piece of a movie, but motion picture history.

Cryptid's offering is not a typical effort at crowdfunding. Instead of kitsch, the StartEngine process offers equity. "We saw a way to offer our fans something that has never been done before by a narrative feature horror film, and that's offer a co-ownership in the company itself" says Brad Rego, writer, producer, and director of Cryptid. "This is a completely new form of crowdfunding and could change the entire landscape of independent film. By offering more then just t-shirts and DVDs, we are giving fans a piece of the film itself, allowing them to share in its revenue forever. If it makes money, so do you." The money will fund the short-term goals of producing the film, prepare it for sale at the American Film Market by November of this year, and secure a deal with a legitimate distribution company. In the long-term, digital distribution through increasingly popular streaming services will bring returns to investors for years to come.

Investors will not simply be investing in yet another CGI heavy borefest. Brad Rego embraces the traditional techniques of old-school horror flicks like Jaws or Alien. According to Rego, "Fear was a huge catalyst for me, and horror movies allowed me to experience fear in the best way possible, from the safety of my living room." He added, "These movies I watched, transformed the ordinary and made it something surreal and terrifying." Rego's Cryptid will bring back both the astounding effects and tremendous storytelling of the old-school horror tale.

Cryptid relates the tale of a slacker journalist named Max confronted by a series of terrifying events in his small Maine hometown. Max discovers that gruesome attacks blamed on an animal actually originate from a cause much more horrific. With authorities pursuing leads in the wrong direction, Max and his journalistic partner Harriet must halt this terrifying evil before it is too late.

Rego has also produced Boundaries, The Assemblage of the Crystal Sphere, Cabin 11, and The Killing of Jacob Marr. Like Cryptid, these films rely not on computer animation, but practical effects, solid storytelling, and compelling characters to create the kind of powerful surge of fright inspired in audiences by the old-time classics.

The difference today is that anyone can be a part of backing great art and the potential profit of producing powerful cinema.