Crypto Circle in the Market of Shock, What Is Better to Invest


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/02/2021 --The ups and downs of the crypto circle are normal. The successful listing of Coinbase is a milestone event in the coin circle, and it also brings a huge increase in cryptocurrency. However, with the decline of the heat, the crypto circle inevitably appears a downturn and the market fluctuates. So how to protect yourself in the volatile market? Crypto circle concussion market, what is better to invest? It is a topic that many coin friends urgently want to know. Quantitative trading can be said to be a magic weapon for market volatility.

Crypto currency quantitative transaction is a non subjective transaction. Retail investors decide to place an order at a certain price point, which is a subjective transaction, while quantitative transaction is a machine transaction. The so-called quantitative team is to develop a mathematical model through back testing in the past massive historical data according to the algorithm, and carry out automatic trading according to the model. Quantitative trading is a general term, which can be divided into different trading strategies, such as grid strategy, arbitrage strategy, trend, high-frequency strategy, etc.

The reason why quantitative trading is a magic weapon of volatile market is that the quantitative robot can realize 7 x 24 automatic order trading according to the parameters preset by investors. It can also avoid investors' emotional investment. When the market fluctuates, investors' mentality can not help but fluctuate with the currency price. The instability of mentality is very likely to lead to mistakes in investment decision-making, which can hardly be avoided even by veterans. Investment is not gambling. Investment is to maximize benefits with wisdom. However, gambling is to "place orders" at will without destination. Gambler psychology is the biggest killer of cryptocurrency investment. Quantitative trading is to make correct judgment through big data and adopt non subjective trading, which avoids the emotional trading of investors and fundamentally prevents the generation of gambler psychology. In addition, various quantitative strategies such as grid Trading and term arbitrage can also help users allocate funds more flexibly.

Quantitative trading applies not only to novices, but also to veterans. It is true that the main purpose of each of investors is to make money, but in the volatile market, there is no doubt that "living" is the top priority. Quantitative trading can best preserve the existing assets of investors.

Since quantitative trading needs to rely on big data, algorithms and computing capabilities, the requirements for crypto exchanges are relatively high. Small crypto exchanges do not have technical capabilities in this regard and can not ensure the maximization of users' interests. Therefore, there are not many digital currency exchanges capable of quantitative trading at present.

ZB, as a veteran exchange of deep ploughing technology, launched the quantitative trading function at 14:00 Hong Kong time on July 8, supporting grid strategies such as forward network, reverse network and classic network. In order to give back to users and celebrate this upgrade, a one month quantitative transaction 0 fee activity was also launched.

Positive Grid: 7 24Hours automatically buy low and sell high, which is suitable for sideways shock and shock rising market; Reverse Grid: sell high and buy low with money, and earn money when the market falls. It is suitable for sideways shock and shock falling market; Classic Grid: input any currency, low risk, suitable for sideways volatility. People can choose flexibly according to your own needs.

The use of ZB quantitative trading in volatile market can not only avoid risks, but also expand profit space. Moreover, ZB, as an old exchange established for eight years, has powerful technology, which can effectively ensure the operation of quantitative trading. At the same time, the quantitative trading 0 fee activity launched by ZB can also bring great benefits to investors. Therefore, ZB quantitative trading is a good choice for investors to deal with the volatile market in the crypto circle.

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