CRYPTO U Expands in Response to Consumer Demand

Program enhancements include a robust library of hands-on training videos, crypto coin portfolio, and live Concierge services to personally guide consumers.


Missoula, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2022 --SWYCH U, LLC announced the implementation of a sweeping series of enhancements to the company's CRYPTO U platform, designed to further benefit average consumers interested in getting started in the cryptocurrency market as well as experts wanting to learn more.

CRYPTO U was officially announced in September 2021 as the latest program offered under the SWYCH U umbrella, into which thousands of people have enrolled. Deployed as an easy-to-use mobile application, it has received a near-perfect 5.0 rating on the AppStore and PlayStore as well as a flood of enthusiastic user reviews.

The program initially offered 46 educational videos covering a wide range of "must know" information on cryptocurrency as well as step-by-step guides for setting up accounts with popular crypto exchanges, wallets, and other services. It has now been expanded to offer:

- "How To Crypto" Library – a robust collection of modules on a variety of detailed topics, each with its own series of screencast videos, designed to get hands-on and go deep into the details using actual live accounts allowing users to follow along. Designed for continued expansion to accommodate new crypto topics as they emerge, the library already offers 100's of videos within modules covering popular topics including Security, Research Tools, Hardware Wallets, MetaMask, AltCoins, NFTs, Gaming, Staking, Common Scams, and a wide range of crypto exchanges.

- CRYPTO U Coin Portfolio – provides a list of promising projects for users to consider based on insights and analysis by crypto experts as well as real time push notification buy/sell alerts.

- CRYPTO U Concierge – live personalized assistance from experienced crypto users designed to function as a "cryptocurrency help desk" to assist consumers with common questions related to virtually anything crypto: exchanges, wallets, NFTs, moving funds, buying, selling, and all other common topics.

The program is now offered as a low-cost subscription based service, designed to provide indispensable value to consumers on an ongoing basis.

"CRYPTO U has already become one of the most trusted sources of quality crypto education," commented Mike Darling, CTO of SWYCH U. "It is now uniquely positioned as the only objective and unbiased provider of such ongoing services to crypto consumers. There's no hidden agenda, or anything else to buy. The value speaks for itself. That's a critical factor for consumers who are otherwise well advised to consider the motives of crypto service providers. Customers maintain their subscription purely because of the no-brainer value it offers!"

Since the initial program launch in September, cryptocurrency adoption rates have continued to skyrocket with analysts projecting over 100 million new crypto users in 2022 from the United States alone. The January 2022 Crypto Confidence survey found that 64% of Americans believe cryptocurrency will gain value this year and 50% would own crypto if they understood it better. CRYPTO U is positioned ahead of this wave to provide much needed assistance in navigating the complexities of the market. Recognizing global demand, SWYCH U has expanded availability of the program to consumers in 50 countries worldwide.

"We're just getting started," added SWYCH U President, Camaron Corr. "The team we've attracted to execute on our vision is second to none! The expansion of CRYPTO U aligns perfectly with the broader movement happening at SWYCH U. We're on a mission to help people Switch Their Thinking, to learn the secrets big banks and financial elite don't want you to know, and to empower people to truly change their financial destiny in ways they never thought possible. Come join our crusade!"

SWYCH U is a financial education services company, specializing in programs designed to empower the middle class with strategies to accelerate debt reduction and wealth generation. Through its innovative mobile application the company aims to tear down the veil obscuring the financial strategies utilized by the wealthy from the average U.S. Consumer. Switch your thinking. Switch university. Switch you. For more information, visit https://swychu.com.