Crystal Energy Scarves Can Help Wearers Balance Their Body's Energy and Chakras


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2018 --For thousands of years people all over the world have been utilizing crystals for their healing powers. In Eastern cultures, the concept of chakras referred to the various energy points throughout the body. These points govern health, emotional stability and more. Combining these two philosophies, Crystal Energy Scarves by Chi La Vie "An Energy Brand", aim to help people balance their chakras and live healthier, happier lives, just by wearing the scarves. Scarves can also be worn to enhance a Yoga or Meditation Practice.

Using Patent Pending Technology, there are Amplifier Crystals sewn into the scarf that connect to Intention Crystals. You will be able to choose what intention you want for the scarf. Connection points on the scarf help the wearer come in direct connect with the crystal energy.

Users will be able to choose from several different intention crystals that represent: Love, Abundance & Financial Prosperity, Confidence, Creativity, Peace, Protection and more. Each scarf also incorporates a small pocket so that the users can add their own crystals or healing stones, enhancing the effect and providing personalized treatment. The end goal is for users to be able to customize their scarves to target whatever area of their lives that could use a bit of extra help.

To help bring Crystal Energy Scarves to the masses, the creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which has been over 65% funded in just under a week. The Campaign will continue through July 12th, 2018. The first Scarf available is a Black Scarf using sustainable, eco-friendly products. With Additional Scarf colors being added as Stretch Goals are met.

Those who back the campaign get a Crystal Energy Scarf with an intention crystal set of their choice for just $88. It represents approximately a 40% discount off the estimated retail price of $144. Once the Kickstarter campaign has reached conclusion the funds will go towards mass production of the Crystal Energy Scarves. Rewards will be shipped out to the campaign backers in October 2018 before the retail release in December, just in time for the holidays.