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CrystalVoice Studio Joins the List of Practitioners to Bring Holistic European Breathing Method Stateside

One of only a handful of practitioners worldwide, the founder of CrystalVoice Studio helps bring MDH Breathing Coordination to the United States.


Long Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2019 --On point for everyone from singers to athletes, an innovative mind-body approach to breath training makes its way to the US from Switzerland. Crystal Barron, founder of CrystalVoice Studio, is one of only 9 US practitioners in the US, and received her MDH Breathing Coordination Advanced Certification on March 4, 2019 after 4 1/2 rigorous years of study. Widely-known in Europe as a revolutionary way to train the voice, the game-changing breathing method doesn't stop there. It uses functional anatomy to bring myriad benefits to daily life. This training method not only increases one's ability to sing with clarity and vocal power, but it also reduces performance anxiety. So, why wouldn't it follow that the landmark breathing training also undergirds what too often seems to be unattainable - better focus and a calmer state of mind.

The holistic nature of this educational program offers to minimize stressors in their students. How so? By giving them skills and techniques for breathing, postural alignment, and muscle tension reduction. Through the development of these skills, very often, their symptoms are alleviated. This results in a long list of practical benefits such as more efficient breathing, better posture, and fewer aches and pains. As a natural result, this breathing technique acts as a performance enhancer for singers, instrumentalists, and athletes. Professional athletes using this method report increased aerobic capacity and shorter recovery times.

MDH Breathing Coordination was first brought to the US in 2014 by MDH Practitioner Elizabeth Prescott of Sherman Oaks. One of only fifty practitioners in seven countries around the world, Barron said of the MDH Breathing Coordination technique, "MDH Breathing Coordination is a very personalized approach that has very far-reaching possibilities aside from vocal training. Its results have been so dramatic in Europe, MDH is currently partnering with the Swiss pulmonary league to study the efficacy of the method for patients suffering from emphysema. In my own studio, in addition to singers and athletes, I have had the opportunity to assist clients with anything from asthma, stroke, spinal stenosis and sleep apnea, to panic attacks and performance anxiety."

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About CrystalVoice Studio
CrystalVoice Studio is a vocal studio based in Long Beach, CA that specializes in MDH Breathing Coordination.

About MDH Breathing Coordination
MDH Breathing Coordination was created by Robin De Haas and Lynn Martin in Lausanne, Switzerland and is based on the work of Carl Stough.

Crystal Barron
Voice and Breathing Coach, MDH Breathing Coordination Certified Advanced Practitioner


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