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CSS Wireless RFID Remote Control School Door Locks Can Save LIVES


Murrieta, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2015 --With the Umpqua College Shooting on October 2nd, North Arizona University Shooting, Texas Southern University on October 9th --142 since Sandy Hook, Campus Security Systems is bringing awareness to the public that a Lockdown / Bullet Resistant School Protection System designed specifically for school classrooms, offices, hallways, and gyms is now available and affordable.

Most of the harm is done in the classroom. The RFID Remote control door locks, letting the teacher lock the door with a push of a button and prevents the gunman from entering the classroom and causing harm to students and teachers." ~Robert Melendez, Partner

"In open campus environments, as customary with all Community Colleges, State Colleges and Universities, the best defense for an active shooter event are individual classroom protection solutions."

Dan Alvarez, Chief Safety Officer / CPTED Safe Schools RMS

CSS President Ron Triebels states, "We have worked with the finest, school law enforcement groups in the country and have used their input to develop our RFID Remote Door Lock System." We have addressed not only the classroom lockdown unit but also the Office RFID Card Reader and at last what everyone has been asking for, the Push Bar RFID Remote Lock unit. This is by far the most comprehensive wireless RFID Remote Door Lockdown System offered to date.

CSS designed security items, such as patent pending bullet resistant doors shields and specialty RFID locking systems specifically for classrooms and administration with the clear understanding that school districts have very little money for this kind of protection. We may not be able to stop the violent acts; however, we can reduce the risk and protect our children and teachers from being hurt in the same way the airlines protect their pilots; by placing them behind bullet resistant doors.

About Campus Security Systems
The owners of Campus Security Systems have spent 40 successful years providing hardware and ballistic protection to correctional facilities, courthouses, security-oriented OEM customers and other government institutions. Throughout our years in business, we have gained extensive experience and insight into what it takes to facilitate security against a high threat, violent penetration of a building.

The SPS System is user friendly and does not require the children to participate like other items that have recently been introduced.

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