Cubroid Launches Kickstarter Campaign for My Best-Friend ARTIBO


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2018 --Introducing Cubroid's second robot project: ARTIBO! Cubroid launched in 2017 with its AI educational Coding Blocks and is back with a new robot for coders, non-coders, kids and adults alike.

ARTIBO has been showcased at big trade fairs such as The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and The Mobile World Congress (MWC), and now Cubroid will make ARTIBO available to general consumers.

Robots are trendy in the tech world. However, going forward, robots will have a huge influence on people's daily lives.

"We put our best effort forward to make everyone who is interested in robotics have an opportunity to easily enjoy this robot. That's why being well-designed and functional were key elements in our creation of ARTIBO," says CEO and Founder, Mark Shin.

ARTIBO is AI best-friend, designed to make daily life that much more simple as an at-home assistant that is small enough to fit anywhere and efficient enough to go anywhere.

ARTIBO comes with an AI block, which houses the camera, microphone, speaker and LED screen; a motor block; a connector block to link the AI and motor block together; and silicon wheels.

When all the pieces are connected, ARTIBO stands at approximately 97mm tall and weighs less than one pound (240 grammes) – with the AI block weighing less than half a pound.

With separate but buildable parts, the AI block can be detached and placed on a desk, or all of the parts can be connected and ARTIBO will follow its owner from one room to the next. With The size and bulk of many of today's AI systems, consumers can either have to pick a central room for use or buy multiple systems, but with ARTIBO, those limitations doesn't exist.

ARTIBO can be customized from a list of features based on the buyer's preference, such as walkie-talkie, scheduler, music, voice recognition, and many more. Each feature has a corresponding display that is shown on the LED screen.

Keeping with the core of Cubroid's main activity - coding, ARTIBO can also be coded for even more personable interactions and functionality. Kids can also continue their coding education, going from coding with Cubroid Coding Block to now coding with ARTIBO.

Preorders of ARTIBO will be available from July 31, 2018 to September 30, 2018 on Kickstarter, with Super Early Bird prices starting as low as $79. ARTIBO's prices are set that low to give as many people as possible the opportunity to afford and experience the robot.

Delivery of orders is scheduled by the end of November 2018.