CUCU Covers Make Bank Cards Pop with Fresh Designs That Customize in a Snap


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/30/2017 --CUCU Covers, the revolutionary new customizable bank card covers that turn bank cards from bland to fresh, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

It's 2017 and just about everything can be personalized except the one item almost everyone carries at all times- the bank card. Generic bank stock designs lack any character and using them inspires little creativity. CUCU Covers are the world's first temporary and replaceable covers that stick to any bank card and bring new life to an old mainstay.

"We loved personalizing everything we own, but when it came to bank cards, we just weren't satisfied with the old-school and permanent solutions banks offered," says co-founder Deepak Kanda on the inspiration behind the project. "So we created something fun and impermanent that that allowed us to personalize our bank cards, easily and quickly."

A special 'SKETCH' collection born from artists at SKETCH Toronto available at launch helps support youth artists living homeless or on the margins. CUCU hopes to bring awareness to youth at-risk art communities across the world by partnering with organizations that provide space and mentorship for street-involved youth artists by providing a new medium for them to sell their work while also spreading awareness and empowering a struggling community.

CUCU Covers are easily applied and removed meaning users can switch their covers as often as they'd like. There are over 300+ designs currently available from artists around the world and customized artwork can also be uploaded to use. The covers utilize a special material to ensure that bank cards with the cover work in all payment machines and can be inserted, swiped, and tapped with 100% accuracy and speed. Multiple card cover sizes are available to ensure a perfect fit and the covers don't hide any important info that needs to be displayed on the card.

The ultimate personalization and fresh designs make CUCU Covers the definitive style statement. From abstract patterns to internet style memes; there's a design available for everyone and every occasion. The covers also make the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, and company parties.

"We understand the value of change and possibility," adds co-founder Kunal Arneja. "We're thrilled to provide a new means to customize their bank cards as frequently as they like without needing a replacement card."

CUCU Covers is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About CUCU
Founded by a team of former-superheroes and based out of Toronto, CUCU is known for creating fun & innovative products for young millennials.

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