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Culture and Wildlife Photographer, Piper Mackay, Launches Generosity Campaign to Feed Remote Tribes in Africa

To feed nine villages in Africa, celebrated photographer captures limited edition images of remote tribes in Northern Kenya. Heart-gripping in nature, the photographs will be raffled on October 25th in support of the newly-launched Generosity Campaign.


Long Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2016 --Pokot, Rendile, Turkana, Daasanach, Samburu, and Elmolo; not names that typically trip off the tongue unless you're celebrated photographer, Piper Mackay. Found in Kenya's Turkana Basin and Southern Ethiopia's Omo Valley, each of these villages will be the recipient of what's most needed thanks to her art and her efforts. As she drives awareness for those in barren regions, with work seen in National Geographic and the Smithsonian, Mackay now also raises funds with the launch of the Generosity Campaign. When funded, the campaign will provide $500 to $1,000 worth of food, delivered from Nairobi by Mackay herself, to the remote villages of Africa.

Highlighting the tribes that will soon have to be modernized to survive, Mackay's Generosity Campaign offers a glimpse into what is fleeting. The glimpse is offered by way of a raffle for limited edition prints that, with a donation of $25, will feed the tribes who need it so much.

Mackay said of her mission to support the remote tribes in Africa, "The world has enough images of poverty. Much more needful is imagery that reveals the beauty that's worth protecting. Compelling work comes when you invest time; by living the stories you're trying to tell. I've spent the last decade of my life in Africa. And my images disseminate how wildlife and cultures cope with the rapid changes in the developing world. Now, with the Generosity Campaign, I can repay the tribes not only with raised awareness but with much-needed food."

Highlighting the most tribal rich region of the world, Mackay's work shows the last of the most ornate tribes. Capturing their ancient traditions and nomadic lifestyles Mackay's work reverently shows the nomads in their traditional clothing and symbolic body paint. In keeping with the emblematic nature of the art, each print not only shows the untouched Kenyan region, but it is also hand-beaded in Africa as well.

To support the campaign with the purchase of a limited edition, hand-beaded, leather framed print, visitors need only donate via raffle. Seven prints will be offered, and visitors may donate multiple times to win. Closing at midnight PST on October 23rd, 100% of all donations will go to buy food for the Kenyan tribes.

For more information visit www.PiperMackayPhotography.com.

For more information regarding the Generosity Campaign visit http://www.pipermackayphotography.com/generosity-campaign/.

About Piper Mackay Photography
Piper Mackay Photography is a company owned and operated by wildlife photographer, Piper Mackay. Mackay's photographs are licensed by Getty Images top collections and are featured in national publications such as; National Geographic Traveler, Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photographer, Wild Planet Magazine, Ranger Finder, and Selamata, as well as, local travel and online magazines. Her images can be seen in National Geographic, National Geographic Explore in addition to numerous travel publications. The acclaimed photographer's work has been on exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC, The Museum of History and Industry in Seattle Washington, The Art Wolfe Gallery, and The G2 Galley.

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Print: 12×18 inches
Leather beaded border: 1.5 inches
Total canvas: 17×23 inches

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