Curvalicious Review - Does the Workout by Flavia Del Monte Work?

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Medford, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2013 --Curvalicious is fat loss workout that claims to help women achieve sexy and toned curves in as little as 12 weeks. Developed by Flavia Del Monte who is a certified trainer and nutritionist, the program is based on the concept of metabolic fat loss and integrating it in various workouts to ensure the best results possible.

The good thing about Curvalicious is that it is designed especially for women. However, the same can be said for other types of workouts offered on the market. How is Curvalicious different from all of these? More importantly, is it worth the investment and does Curvalicious work?

Let’s take a closer look at the Curvalicious workout program and evaluate its merits.

What Curvalicious Offers to Women

Women are very different from men in terms of physical stature and body composition. This is why a lot of female fitness enthusiasts find it a bit hard to look for a workout program that aims to not only help them reduce weight and burn fat but also allows them to obtain toned muscles without looking like the hulk. Curvalicious aims to provide a solution to this by utilizing what is called as metabolic fat loss workouts that help the body shed the unwanted pounds while toning and sculpting the important areas such as the buns, thighs, and abs. These include smart weight lifting sessions, varying exercises, and proper nutrition and diet plans.

The entire Curvalicious workout system is comprised of 8 different components, but the heart of the program lies in the workout phase as this is where Flavia teaches users the different ways to achieve sexy curves with just the right amount of muscles. The workout phase is presented in two forms: one for those who have access to a gym, and another for those who wish to do the workouts at home. Each version contains 5 different types of online video workouts that women can follow along to in order to see results as soon as possible.

The first online video workout deals with thigh muscles as well as the hams and the glutes. Aside from the usual squats and lunges, Flavia also discusses other types of thigh-toning routines that one can alternately follow to tone the lower areas of the body.

Video number 2 on the other hand is geared toward abdominal toning and sculpting. Here, Flavia reveals various stomach and core training exercises that can help strengthen the abdominal area while allowing one to have washboard abs at the same time. Users will also have access to a number of arm toning and sculpting exercises and workouts in the third video, with Flavia promising results in as little as two weeks to those who are really determined to get back into shape.

Videos 4 and 5 meanwhile were designed to teach women how they can make their shoulders and backs stronger and how they can achieve smaller yet shapelier butts with the right exercises. In these videos, one will be shown different types of exercises that need to be done on a regular basis as well the importance of lifting the right types of weights to strengthen the shoulders and back.

How It Works

Those who are interested in the Curvalicious workout program will be given access to fully downloadable files and videos once payment has been made and verified. One can then start on the program as soon as possible and utilize the video tutorials developed by Flavia. Users are encouraged to stick to the 5-day a week workout schedule, with each workout lasting anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. The kinds of exercises to be done on a particular day is based on how the videos for the workout phase are presented, so day one would consist of thigh toning exercises, day two will be for abdominal strengthening, and so forth. As Flavia states, all that users need to do is follow along while she does the exercises on the videos.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Curvalicious

The biggest advantage to the Curvalicious workout program is that it was designed by a woman who knows what other women are going through when it comes to the battle of the bulge and just staying fit in general. This means that the workouts are not as hard on the body when compared to programs that use the one-size-fits-all approach for both men and women. Aside from this, the workouts are not too short and not too long, so one can certainly find the time to follow the schedule and stick to it until her fitness goals are achieved.

The disadvantage to the program on the other hand lies in the fact that not all women want to achieve a physique that shows off their muscles. Although they would want to get toned and slim, some would rather not engage in weight lifting exercises for fear of overdeveloping their muscles. This is why it is recommended for one to fully consider her options before making a decision to purchase. Aside from this, the price of the workout program seems a bit steep when compared to others.

Pricing and Recommendation

The entire Curvalicious workout system sells for $67, with each purchase covered by a 60-day money back guarantee for those who feel that the workout program failed to deliver on its promises. Each component of the workout program will be made available once payment has been made. These include printable workout sheets, a nutrition guide, a supplementation guide, and a warm-up and stretching guide among others.

The Curvalicious workout for women is worth a try if you’re the type of person who can stick to the entire schedule and see things through. If you don’t want to work as hard on the other hand and are interested in an overnight solution, this program is definitely not what you’re looking for. The 60-day money back guarantee also makes it quite an attractive offer, seeing as one need only ask for a refund in case the workouts are as effective as Flavia promised them to be. All in all, the Curvalicious workout program certainly has the juice to back up its claims.

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