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Custom All Natural & Organic Protein Bar Company Strong Monkey Kickstarter Campaign Exceeds Expectations

Strong Monkey is giving a lucky winner 1 year paid membership to their training facility of choice a month before their official launch. Build your own custom protein bars looking to change the game of the health food industry.


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2014 --The message of the world's first custom all natural and organic protein bar company has been very well received. Strong Monkey has seen their crowdfunding campaign to bring their innovative product to market a complete success on Kickstarter. Donors are excited about the “build your own bar” concept and counting the days until the first bars arrive. The Company is set to launch September 1st and is located in sunny South Florida in Boca Raton.

Many fitness enthusiasts have long complained about the sad state of protein bars in the industry. Poor taste, shoddy ingredients and a cookie cutter approach that leaves out any room for individualism. Thanks to the new company Strong Monkey, and its visionary creator Gabriel Santiago, those days may be being left in the past. Strong Monkey is the world's first all-natural & organic custom protein bar company, with a vision of allowing customers to choose their own ingredients and have their bars to their doorstep on a subscription basis. Santiago turned to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to bring the company to live, and in exciting news the campaign recently closed as a complete success.

“People want to know what the ingredients in their food are beneficial to their diet and which are not, that is why we wanted to create a revolutionary nutritional label,” commented Santiago. “Our label is built simultaneously as you pick your ingredients, so you even the pickiest of eaters will get the benefits that they want, but even more importantly you get the instant nutritional information that you desire. Strong Monkey represents a total shift for the better in the way people look at protein bars!”

The company set a goal of $5,000 for the crowdfunding campaign to bring Strong Monkey to market, but well exceeded that total by nearly 10%. A number of exciting perks were set for donors including sample bars, Strong Monkey bracelets, and packages of bars for serious supporters of the campaign.

According to the company, there's no other bars which compare to the Strong Monkey bar ingredients, let alone the freedom that being able to design a custom bar delivers. Some of the popular ingredients include a base like quinoa, rolled oats, steel oats and granola; a variety of fruit choices like apples, dates, various berries, coconut and raisins; a choice of nuts and seeds; and much, much more. All delivered mixed with banana and whey, the two ingredients that give Strong Monkey their name.

Every custom order even comes complete with an individual ingredient label, which the customer selects and approves on Strong Monkey's very innovative website.

The company is happy to announce they are celebrating their successful Kickstarter campaign with an explosive contest being held through their popular Twitter @Strongmonkeybar . Joining is easy. Simply sign up on to be a member of Team Strong Monkey, which gives a lifetime 10% discount, and place a preorder 30% off original price. One lucky winner will win a full year gym or fitness club membership paid for by Strong Monkey at any facility of their choice.

Michael Gadaleta, Director of Brand Ambassadors for Strong Monkey, remarked, “We are known so far in our brief existence on Twitter for our outrageous and fun contest and giveaways. Free gym membership for a year is going to be a big contest for us and I cannot wait because we have even more for the winner of the contest but it's going to be an even bigger surprise. It’s a way to give back for all the support our members and fans have given us so far, and with our launch on September 1st, with the support we have there is no reason we shouldn’t be a game changer in the protein bar industry”

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