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Custom Home Elevator Can Rent Chair Lifts for Stairs in Indianapolis and Cincinnati

Individuals facing issues with navigating the stairs or seeing their loved ones having trouble navigating the stair can get in touch with Custom Home Elevator. They can help with installing chair lifts both on a temporary and permanent basis.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2021 --Many senior adults have opted for chair lift in Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis because of the convenience that it brings with the same. Aging adults often face problems with navigating the stairs once they start to grow old. Not only age but other physical illnesses may also restrict the movement for many. Thus, installing a chair lift has emerged to be a good solution for such senior people staying in the home alone. A chair lift serves aging adults' and can come in handy for all who have mobility restrictions. Custom Home Elevator comes with a good solution for such individuals who would require a chair lift temporarily.

Installing a chair lift is a big decision. As such, if one does not need the same for a long time or permanently, installing it can only take up a lot of space. The expert installers at Custom Home Elevator advise that rather than putting a lot of money on a stairlift, it is better to go for a chair lift rental. The rental will be budget-friendly, and it will also serve the purpose. One can have it as long as there is a need for the same. The rental is for 90 days. After which, if the owner feels there is no need for the elevator, they can easily be removed.

Renting chair lifts for stairs in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. One can quickly call Custom Home Elevator and speak with an expert about renting a stairlift. They will have a technician come to one's home to evaluate the staircase and to provide recommendations for the stairlift options that will work for one's home.

Call their toll-free number 513-583-5910 for details.

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Custom Home Elevator is one of the renowned companies offering chair lifts for stairs in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. They offer chair lifts for both curved and straight stairs.