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Custom Home Elevator Excels in Wheelchair Lifts in Indianapolis and Dayton, Ohio

When it comes to wheelchair lifts in Indianapolis and Dayton, Ohio, Custom Home Elevator is the right resource.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2021 --Being stuck in a wheelchair makes it harder to move around especially getting into a car. It may be impossible for a person who uses a wheelchair to move to a car or other vehicle without the assistance of others, depending on the disability. This could be taxing and unsafe when lifting someone several times a day.

Sometimes, it could be a genuine inconvenience to carry the wheelchair in a car. Leaving it at home is not a great option either. The disabled person will need it immediately after getting out of the vehicle. Wheelchair lifts in Indianapolis and Dayton, Ohio for a vehicle can be a fantastic solution to this. These lifts can be used to move a wheelchair while in use. A portable wheelchair lift is easy to carry and store. Some are typically designed to disassemble for maximum storage quickly.

For the elderly or disabled, modern wheelchair lifts provide a sense of security and freedom. Movement between floors proves critical when it comes to the accessibility and comfort of individuals with mobility issues. Installing a wheelchair lift can help them achieve this level of independence.

Custom Home Elevator is a reliable and trusted resource for quality wheelchair lifts. Be it vertical or incline wheelchair lifts, one can obtain what one needs. These lifts are designed to offer individuals with mobility issues safe and dependable access to different floors. Their unique wheelchair lifts — hydraulic cable, screw drives, or gear-head motors – come in various configurations to fit your specific demands.

Disability lifts, whether installed next to a stairwell or at the home entrance, are sure to improve one's level of freedom. Custom Home Elevator not just provides users the freedom to confidently move up and down stairs without assistance but maintains their safety and enhances their quality of life.

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