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Custom Home Elevator Helps Install Chair Lift in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis

Mobility challenges can invade one's life at any point in time. That should not be the reason for living life depending on someone else. Homeowners, therefore, can consider installing a chair lift in their Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis homes.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2021 --With time one has to change the way one lives, especially when mobility becomes a concern. That is where Custom Home Elevator has been helping senior adults to a great extent. They are one of the premier companies offering mobility solutions that can help transform life for senior adults restricted to their homes due to physical illness. Installing a stairlift is a simple way to traverse the stairs when climbing becomes challenging. With Custom Home Elevator, it is easy to go up and down the stairs without any issue of falling and getting hurt.

Custom Home Elevator has been at this job for long. They are aware that the need of every homeowner is not the same. That is why they offer consultation to help homeowners decide on the right stairlift for their house. Home chair lift in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis can be modified to fit any staircase inside or outside the home. The stairlifts can take passengers up the curved or spiral staircases and across flat landings. The innovative designs accommodate all stairways with ease. The seats are comfortable, swivel, and fold manually or automatically when one is not using them. Stairlifts are comfortable to use and easy to operate. Plus, it is incredibly safe. The chair moves up and down a track between floors with an easy touch of a button. The seat bottom and footrest fold up quickly so that it stays out of the way for others to use the stairs. The swivel seat turns away from the stairs at the top of the landing, enabling one to get on or off the lift safely, with comfort and ease.

Senior adults can trust Custom Home Elevator to help restore the ability to use the stairs with confidence. Home stair lifts from Custom Home Elevator are practical, affordable, and the perfect solution for senior adults to age in their home's comfort.

Get in touch with them to install chair lifts for stairs in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Call their toll-free number 513-583-5910 for details.

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Custom Home Elevator is one of the renowned companies offering chair lifts for stairs in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. They offer chair lifts for both curved and straight stairs.