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Custom Home Elevator Helps with Installing Home Elevator in Richmond, Indianapolis and Lexington

One company can help install residential elevators to make one’s home far more accessible, especially for those with mobility issues.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2021 --In earlier times, not many homeowners might have thought of installing an elevator at home. It would have meant luxury and also was an expensive affair that did not suit everyone's budget. With time, however, this thought has changed. Installing a home elevator is not a luxury anymore. For many homeowners, it is a solution to their mobility issues. Many homeowners find it hard to access their multi-level home as they start to grow old or when they become disabled because of surgery or an unfortunate incident. Such unlucky instances in life do not mean that they will have to compromise on how they live their lives. That is why installing a Home Elevator in Richmond, Indianapolis, and Lexington emerges as an obvious solution. Custom Home Elevator has been around for years, offering the best of mobility solutions at reasonable prices. They can help pick the right elevator that can suit the need and budget of their clients.

Installing a home elevator can help someone access the multi-level home and pull up heavy things from furniture to groceries and whatnot. Custom Home Elevator helps with installing Pneumatic Vacuum elevators that use air for lift and lowering. They include many of the same features within the affordable price bracket, which other companies offer only as costly extras. Pneumatic vacuum elevators are perfect for smaller spaces, travel up to 35 feet, and involve far less construction. Hydraulic drives use pistons to move the elevator cab and require a separate machine room but are exceptionally smooth and quiet. A winding drum elevator's cab is moved when a cable winds around a drum which can be installed in the shaft or a separate machine room.

Home elevators offer value for money, and apart from a mobility solution, it adds a lot of value to the property. They also install chair lifts in Indianapolis and Louisville.

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Custom Home Elevator is one of the renowned companies for chair lifts and residential elevators. Apart from installation, they also offer repair and maintenance services.