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Custom Home Elevator Is the Place to Get Quality Chair Lift in Indianapolis and Louisville

Homeowners with mobility issues can get in touch with Custom Home Elevator for a chair lift installation.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2021 --Whether it is senior adults or any individual with mobility issues, both can gain from installing a chair lift in Indianapolis and Louisville. Custom Home Elevator has been around for many years, offering quality chair lifts and helping with the installation process. They understand what difficulty senior adults feel and the amount of risk involved in accessing the steep stairs many times throughout the day. Illness surgery or just old age can be the reason for moving around the house freely. Not only restricted movement but physical issues can also result in falling from the stairs and getting injured. All the problems can be avoided by simply installing a chair lift. Custom Home Elevator has years of experience in this field, and they can assure that it is the best and safest way to traverse the stairs when climbing is a big issue.

Custom Home Elevator understands that the need of their clients will differ according to the stair they have at home. A one size fits all solution does not work for everyone. That is why they take the time to discuss the much-needed solution with their clients before getting forward with the installation. Chair lifts come with design flexibility which means they can be modified for any staircase, whether inside or outside. As they are often referred to, the stairlifts are sturdy enough to take passengers up any straight or curved staircase and across flat landings. The seats are comfortable, swivel, and fold manually or automatically when one is not using them. That way, they don't cause any issues for moving around freely.

Owning and using a chair lift from Custom Home Elevator is not a big deal. Chair lifts are not fixed to the wall but are usually installed directly onto the staircase. The chair lift runs on the tracks that are fitted to the stairs with its power pack. The chair lift is operated by flipping the switch or pushing a toggle in the direction in which one wants to move. The chair lift stops when one lets go of the switch. The great thing about stairlifts from Custom Home Elevator is that they're plugged into a standard power outlet for monitoring and charging purposes. Being battery operated, it will work even in the event of a power failure.

Get in touch with them today for installing home elevators in Richmond, Indianapolis, and Lexington too. The company also offers servicing and maintenance.

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Custom Home Elevator is one of the renowned companies for chair lifts and residential elevators. Apart from installation, they also offer repair and maintenance services.