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Home elevators are a worthy investment. Homeowners can get in touch with Custom Home Elevators for assistance.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2021 --Those who have senior members at home need to make it as safe as possible and easily accessible. The only way to do that is by installing home elevators so that the house's upper levels can be accessed easily on their own and without anyone's assistance. The only place to look for home elevators in Louisville and Lexington is by approaching Custom Home Elevator & Lift Co. Inc. They are one company that has been helping homeowners make their homes safe. Senior adults who have restricted movement can live a better life trusting Custom Home Elevator & Lift Co. Inc to transform their homes with easy accessibility solutions. They are the best when it comes to finding quality home elevators.

Custom Home Elevator gives value for the investment that homeowners make in their products. Earlier it might have only been to add a luxurious feel to one's home, but nowadays, it is all about making one's residence as comfortable as possible. This is significantly more for senior adults who cannot take the stairs due to their old age or any other physical reason. Accessing the upper levels of the house becomes easier with installing a home elevator. A residential elevator makes it easy for one to move to other house levels without any danger. It is moving to different levels, and moving heavy items like furniture, or even luggage and groceries becomes a far easier task when one can use a home elevator. Custom Home Elevators also helps with installing Pneumatic Vacuum elevators that use air for lift and lowering.

Homeowners can be sure that they will get the most out of installing a home elevator. One is assured of receiving the best value for their dollar. Custom Home Elevator can assist clients in the design phase to guarantee one gets the right accessibility options for one's home.

Custom Home Elevator & Lift Co. Inc is also the place to get commercial lifts as well as stair lifts in Bloomington, Indiana and Columbus.

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Custom Home Elevator is a renowned company that offers home elevators and wheelchair lifts in Bloomington, IN and Columbus apart from commercial elevators, material lifts, specialty lifts, dumbwaiters and more.