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Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2021 --Stairlifts are an essential requirement for the elderly, especially those who are dealing with mobility difficulties. Compromised mobility of the elderly is a major headache for other family members too. For this, they are required to keep tabs on them and their activities.

As people get up in years, moving between floors seems no longer an easy feat. Sometimes, an attempt to get up and down the stairs might prove dangerous, causing a nasty fall. With stairlifts in Cincinnati and Indianapolis, all such unfortunate events can be easily avoided.

Custom Home Elevator is a go-to source for the elderly and their families who want a stairlift installed in their places. The modern stairlifts provide a host of benefits to the family members, moving between floors more effortless and convenient.

It can also be an expensive exercise depending on the type of staircase one is dealing with. Straight stairs are far cheaper than curved ones. Curved designs require a bespoke stairlift. It takes a bit longer and might be more expensive in the long run.

The residential stairlifts might be customized to fit any staircase inside or outside the house. The stairlifts from Custom Home Elevator can easily transport passengers up the curved or spiral stairs and across level landings, thanks to their unique designs. When not in use, the chairs can swivel and fold manually or automatically.

A stairlift from Custom Home Elevator is also a fantastic solution for those coming out of the surgery. In such cases, one can consider leasing a stairlift. This will save one labor and money, eliminating the need for storage.

Stairlifts are convenient and comfortable to use. With the push of a button, the chair travels up and down a track between levels. The seat bottom and footrest fold up quickly to provide room for others to use the stairs, and the swivel seat rotates away from the steps at the top of the landing, allowing users to board and get out of the lift securely.

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