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Custom Home Elevator Specializes in Chairlifts in Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio

Custom Home Elevator is the right place to approach when it comes to chairlifts in Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2021 --As people get on in years, the ability to move around and get about between floors thins out. At worst, moving becomes a challenge. While some elderly can walk around the rooms, climbing up and down the stairs is simply out of the question. Physical infirmity and other issues prevent them from being up and about. The only solution to this issue is chairlifts.

Custom Home Elevator brings in quality chairlifts in Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio. The chairlifts are sturdy and durable and come in a variety of styles. Depending on requirements and budget, one can choose the right chairlift that works for them.

Chair lifts make it easier for senior folks to move around their homes. When it comes to putting such items in their homes, people have their reservations. Modern chairlifts come up with the whole set of the necessary equipment. Most companies that make chairlifts send company employees to install and run everything.

Custom Home Elevator brings quality chairlifts for the home that might be customized to fit any staircase inside or out of the house. Their chairlifts can easily transport passengers up the curved or spiral stairs and across level landings, thanks to their unique designs. The chairs are comfy, swivel, and fold manually or automatically when not in use. A stairlift from Custom Home Elevator is a fantastic solution for people having difficulties getting up and down their stairs.

The best about the chairlifts at Custom Home Elevator is that they are easy to use and operate. The chair moves up and down a track between floors with an easy touch of a button. The seat bottom and footrest fold up quickly to provide room for others to use the stairs, and the swivel seat rotates away from the steps at the top of the landing, allowing users to get in and out of the lift securely.

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