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Customers Post Positive Reviews on Philips and Aurora Downlights at


Rochdale, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2017 --Downlights have become the go-to type of lighting for many, easily replacing less efficient (and less durable) halogen lamps and bulbs. With the right downlights, any home or building can become adequately lit and more energy-efficient as well. At, customers share why the downlights from Philips and Aurora Lighting are some of the best.

Lighting products abound at, and these lighting products range from downlights to LED wall lights, smart lighting products, LED strip lights, accessories and LED drivers, and a lot more. Whatever customers are looking for when it comes to LED lights, they are bound to find it at – and with good pricing as well.

But those who have already shopped with have plenty of reasons to be satisfied, and they are not hesitant when it comes to voicing their opinions and satisfaction, especially with the Philips and Aurora Lighting brands.

Customers who have purchased the Philips 3.5W GU10 LED Dimmable Master Value downlight, for instance, are full of praise. This is hardly surprising, as explains, "The Philips Master Value range of GU10 LEDs is cost-effective, and contains high performance products, providing an output of up to 290 lumens. Don't judge an LED by the wattage, although this has a low energy consumption of just 3.5 watts, its high lumen output is as bright as many 50-watt alternatives."

One customer says, "Great value product from a top brand. Found the brightness to be better than expected. At 3.5W it was brighter than the 35W halogens I was replacing. Can't believe I've had these old halogens for so long!"

Another popular product with customers is the Aurora Enlite 5W GU10 LED. The product has actually received 5 stars in all its reviews, and one customer happily states: "Good spread of light. An LED that is as bright as old halogen GU10 lamps." Another customer attests, "(As a) replacement for halogen, (it has) better light and consumes 10% of the power."

The Aurora Enlite 5W GU10 LED is described by as follows: "a high output 5-watt GU10 LED that is part of Aurora's Enlite range, delivering a bright 520 lumen output. It has a wide beam angle of 60 degrees which helps to spread the light out further and more constantly. This combination of a brighter light and wider beam spreads greater light out across a larger area of a room allowing fewer downlights to be installed. Aurora Enlite LEDs are part of an economy range of lighting products that offer a longer lasting, cost effective lighting solution."

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