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Customers Praise Kasbah Grill on NY's Upper West Side for Great Food, Portions, and Pricing


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2018 --There may be plenty of restaurants in a place like the Big Apple, but Kasbah Kosher Restaurant stands out for its excellent cuisine featuring Middle Eastern dishes, classic American favorites, and heavenly sushi. Customers who have tried Kasbah Kosher Restaurant have nothing but praise for what the restaurant has to offer.

Amongst all the restaurants in New York City, there are admittedly a good number of grills and delis and sushi places, and customers can take their pick from a vast selection of restaurants spread across the city. But for an increasing number of customers, there is one dining place which offers the best combination of food, portions, and pricing: Kasbah Kosher Restaurant.

Kasbah Kosher Restaurant is on the Upper West Side, and it has become one of the most iconic restaurants in the area. It started out as the vision of two brothers who wanted to bring their childhood comfort food to patrons in NY. Through the years, the executive chef added more to Kosher Kasbah Restaurant's lineup of culinary delicacies, and today, diners are raving about the restaurant's specialties such as its aged steaks (especially the Brazilian sirloin steak), homemade beef cigars, hummus, deli pastrami sandwiches, Kufta spicy burgers, sushi selection, and more.

Customers looking for great ambiance, great food, and excellent portions and pricing know that they can get it all at Kasbah Kosher Restaurant – and positive customer reviews are pouring in.

One Yelp review from Hal D. praises the restaurant's food, service, and everything else. Hal D. attests that the portions are large, and the burgers and steaks are properly cooked. He commends the 'deli feel' of the restaurant, complete with coleslaw and pickles for every meal. But he also mentions the delicious sushi selection which comes with 3 to 4 sauces, and the service which he labels an A+.

Happymom613, another customer writing a review on TripAdvisor, states, "Kasbah Grill (aka Deli Kasbah) is one of our go-to Kosher restaurants. The menu is varied, the food is almost uniformly good, and the prices are reasonable for a Kosher grill (meaning not astronomical!). The restaurant is on the bottom of a brownstone building and can feel somewhat dark with tables rather close together, but the wait staff is accommodating and there is almost never a wait."

Kasbah Kosher Restaurant also offers an online ordering and delivery service, and customers can conveniently book a table at the restaurant through the website.

About Kasbah Kosher Restaurant
Kasbah Kosher Restaurant has been around for a long time, and it brings together the best in culinary specialties from the Middle East, the United States, and even Asia. For those who are looking for an exceptional dining experience at one of the best kosher restaurants in NYC, visit Kasbah Kosher Restaurant.