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Cutting Edge Social Network for Healthcare Enters Beta Release


Red Bank, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2014 --NeedMe LLC, has developed a first and one of a kind healthcare social network application. The NeedMe network connects newly diagnosed patients to successful past patients that have had the same conditions, tests, treatments, and procedures at the same locations, and provides the information anonymously.

"NeedMe will permanently change the way we source health information online," said Justin Huddy, creator of the new platform. "Very shortly, people will have a resource which allows them to interact with others who have had the same exact health experiences, and treatments at the same facilities. There will be no need to search endless chat boards, and not know anything about the people with whom you are speaking."

NeedMe was developed so that people could interact with others who have been through the same healthcare scenario as them, while not just sorting them by health condition. This network connects individuals to each other in a narrow, targeted way based on multiple criteria. For example, a person had prostate cancer and leaky heart valve, was treated at a particular healthcare provider, and was prescribed particular medications. Until this network existed, patients could not connect with others on the above criteria, nor multiple criteria used as filters.

Even more, NeedMe uses the real-world feedback and treatment information to determine what has worked best for real patients, and where. For someone who has recently been diagnosed this info can mean a world of difference and can reduce their stress, and their guesswork, greatly. This is information that has never been available before and can steer someone towards a particular doctor, treatment or medication that has shown better results and outcomes.

"When people have a change in health status, such as a new diagnosis, they often turn to family for advice, however family members have not necessarily been through the same ailment or treatment procedures," Huddy continued. "With NeedMe, those people can now ask other patients who have successfully been through the same health scenario. It is why we use the slogan ‘Honest Answers from Actual Patients’."

"In the first quarter of 2014 NeedMe is expected to connect over 100 million people to each other. Currently, NeedMe is available to the 48 million members of the Medicare system, with insurers such as Aetna and United Healthcare being added in the very near future," Huddy said. " At this time, no one in the current market space can accurately crowd source data which has been verified and matched to your specific concerns. This is cutting edge.”

About NeedMe
At NeedMe ( we consider ourselves a rare breed of company: a for-profit organization with humanitarian concerns and its core. The services and information that we provide can make an indelible change in the lives of our members who have recently been diagnosed with a health condition. We believe that what we provide at NeedMe is hope. When people first come to us they are often stressed, anxious and scared. They have seen the statistics and numbers, been told about “survival rates” and have been inundated with cold, hard facts from doctors and other healthcare practitioners whom they have just met. Strangers using strange words.

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