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Cyber Stalker Victim Launches Tour to Raise Awareness of How the Criminal Activity Wrecks Lives

99% of Cyber Stalking victims stay silent as they do not people will believe them, or they are embarrassed. One victim who was a subject of Cyber Stalking wants to make more people aware and wants to encourage victims to come forward. Kris Degioia will undertake a four-month tour where she will talk about her experience and explain how serious the problem is and let people know who have suffered, they are not alone.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2016 --Cyberstalking has increased over the years and has now become more common than being stalked in person. Many victims from different backgrounds and age groups are now finding they are being stalked online by complete strangers who choose them at random. One person who knows how serious Cyber Stalking is and how it can affect lives is Kris Degioia. She has decided to launch a tour to give talks and make people more aware of how serious stalking is and how it affect more people that the official stats reveal.

The tour will start in LA, where details of the dates and places will be published at Kris Degioia will talk about how she was stalked, tormented, harassed, mentally abused, and attacked by someone she didn't even know. By sharing her experience, which can be read in detail here (, she hopes it will make more people aware that Cyber Stalking is real and does go on. She wants to encourage victims to come forward, so law enforcement agencies and social media platforms take the problem seriously and start to take action.

Cyber Stalking provides an unsafe environment for adults where threats to kill can be made. However, it's not only adults who are subjected to these shocking actions, children and teenagers are also victims to online threats and cyber stalkers.

Although an adult can be better equipped, a child is not, and the problem could cost lives. Kris Degioia, who had to change her name, contact number and move three times, hopes by talking about her experience, it will cause a debate as well as bring more awareness of how Cyber Stalking is going unpunished.

For more details about the tour, please visit or to read the full story of what Kris went through, please visit

About Kris Degioia
Kris Degioia was a victim of cyber stalking for three years. Her life was turned upside down, and now, she aims to launch a four-month tour to make people aware of how serious the problem is