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Cybermesh ContentX Joint Venture Expands Database to Better Serve Customers


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2011 --Cybermesh International Corp (OTCBB: CYTLE) Cybermesh ContentX JV using ContentX’s proprietary technology has created a database of more than 2000 studios worldwide. This database contains complete lists of all productions made by each studio. This database has been created to assist in the content verification process which will greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of the company’s service.

President of CTX Cort St George said "we are growing so fast that we need to continue to develop enhancements to our system in order to better service our clients." We were quickly faced with a volume of business that we knew would push the limits of resources. By creating a database of all of the major studios and their content, the artificial intelligence built into the system is able to perform in a more streamlined manner with a higher degree of accuracy.

Cybermesh and ContentX recently launched formed a Joint Venture to capitalize on a "friendly" new solution that tracks individuals who download entertainment content illegally, and then converts them to paying customers. The ContentX platform is the only large-scale, automated system, built on an elastic and highly scalable cloud computing infrastructure, which identifies infringers by the thousands, sends notices of their illegal use, and then offers a proven system to collect payments or sign up infringers to fee based services on behalf of the content owners, at no cost to studios or copyright holders.

About Cybermesh International
Cybermesh International is a technology-based company focusing on developing and exploiting technologies that assist the Entertainment, telecommunications, media distribution and analysis sector.

About ContentX Technologies
Based in Southern California’s technology hub, ContentX Technologies provides powerful internet intelligence, security and monetization solutions that turn piracy into paying customers for the entertainment industry. The key differentiator of ContentX is its ability to address thousands of infringers as future consumers, rather than as adversaries. ContentX also guides studios to think in the same direction by creating a tailored consumer experience that drives fully paid repeat visits. Visit

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