Cyber Tycoons Acquires SEO BAM


Saucier, MS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2017 --A cornerstone of Internet history, SEO BAM has been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for more than 2 decades. Because of its longevity in the market, SEO BAM has primarily operated as a referral-based, or word of mouth business for most of its existence.

Damion Flynn, owner of Cyber Tycoons, said "I have been outsourcing many of my SEO projects over the years to SEO BAM and they have always performed well so I kept using them." He went on to state that he made an off-handed comment that he should acquire them to save his clients money and that is when Abhishek Tiwari, former owner of SEO BAM, told him that he would be willing to sell as he was reaching retirement.

Flynn, a native of Mississippi, has operated his tech companies for almost 20 years, on and off, but re-branded in 2015 to keep up with shifts in the online marketplace. He said that while his comment to Tiwari about acquiring them was meant as a joke, he was happy to be able to come to an agreement that worked for everyone involved.

Tiwari stated that "Mr. Flynn has been a great customer and I know he treats his customers well and will continue to move the company forward in a positive direction. His knowledge in SEO is among the top I have seen in the industry and I know the existing SEO BAM customers will be well taken care of."

SEO BAM bills out between 3 million and 5 million dollars annually and Flynn expects to double that in the first two years. The acquisition price and terms of the sale were undisclosed but both Tiwari and Flynn stated that it would be business as usual and no employees would be lost in the transfer. Flynn went on to say that his goal is to increase the staff by 20% over the first 90 days to focus on growth and customer service.

The new website, at reflects the acquisition and states that the acquisition has added additional services to their company. There is no mention of the acquisition on the Cyber Tycoons website, located at at the time of this writing.