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CYCJET Laser in the Automobile Manufacturing Industry Application Solutions


Shang Hai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/26/2019 --The level of automobile equipment manufacturing technology represents the level of a country's comprehensive manufacturing industry. This manufacturing field is the focus of manufacturing capacity of all countries, so the world's manufacturing countries attach great importance to it.

In recent years, China has accelerated rapidly in the automotive equipment manufacturing industry, thanks to the rapid growth of domestic car consumption. At the same time, how to improve the automobile manufacturing technology rapidly and reduce the gap with the international automobile manufacturing giants has become an urgent problem for domestic automakers to solve. At the national level, China issued the 'China made 2025 plan', designed to enhance the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and pointed out the direction for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing enterprises, which also includes the promotion plan of the automotive manufacturing industry.

One car has more than 20000 parts, improve the overall level of starting from the main components, such as engine etc.. The upgrading of main components should be improved from all aspects, and traceability management is one of the important aspects. In order to trace the auto parts, the parts must be coded first. CYCJET laser marking machine is widely used in automobile parts coding, the laser marking machine to form a permanent identification code DATAMATRIX carving products. In the entire manufacturing process of parts, logistics circulation, arrive at the hands of consumers, the information is recorded in the traceability management system, at any time can query the information of parts, convenient product traceability management.

Laser marking method has advantages over traditional methods in coding of auto parts:

1, laser marking is non-contact, it will not cause great stress to the parts, so that parts cannot deform or damaged.
2, laser marking method of fine carving, the effect is more beautiful, can greatly enhance the beauty of products, so as to enhance product quality.
3, laser marking speed, can greatly improve work efficiency.
4, laser marking noise is very small, is a more environmentally friendly processing methods.
5, laser marking can be easily integrated into the assembly line, with the assembly line to achieve automated marking, for large enterprises, is a new choice to improve efficiency and cost savings.

CYCJET industrial marking machine manufacturing is an industry leader in laser field with 15 years of industry experience, the company established its own production workshop, machine sales are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

Welcome to Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co. Ltd. investigation, and the company provided free coding products for customers.

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